up to 40 cents more than cash. The revolt starts at the bar in Pordenone


Pay the ATM with coffee: up to 40 cents more than cash. The revolt starts at the bar

Premise: there are those who behave well, respecting the law of 2017 that already obliges merchants to accept any payment (even one euro for a coffee) with credit cards is cash machine, as happens in most of Europe. But there is an undergrowth made up of signs, stickers and notices that alert the customer: you don't pay with the cash machine below a certain figure, or (and is the real apple of discord) if you use the payment electronic a surcharge is triggered, which in fact would not be allowed. And the Common of Pordenone warns: "The controls are there, it is up to the Finance Police to carry them out".

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On days when the government is discussing payments electronic and bank fees, a Pordenone we live a gelatinous situation: it is as if the norm, launched by the then government Gentiloni, had never been applied. The absence of an effective sanction system weighs, but in the same way the costs borne by the individual merchants must be taken into account whenever a customer crawls his card for a low amount.

This is not the case with large-scale retailers, which work on large volumes, but small businesses, such as bars and tobacconists. There is talk of commissions that can send the margin on the single sale into smoke, but not attributable to the customer's portfolio. Casarsa, Zoppola, Pordenone. Three bars, in a sample survey, which to cope with the high costs resulting from the use of cash machine for payments, they paid the extra to customers.

"A coffee? If he pays with cash is one euro, if he chooses the cards, it is 40 cents more ", we hear a Casarsa in the station. And also in the center a Pordenone there are examples of this kind. And the account rises from just over one euro to 2 euros and 20 cents. TO Zoppola, on the highway, there is instead a bar that excludes some services and products from payment through cash machine or cards.

THE MAP Clothing stores, restaurants, department stores: all these types of businesses have no problems. The turnover and the amount of merchandise in the window are already high and paying by credit card is almost the norm. Everything changes, however, when you enter a bar. It is there that the national law is wrapped up. A well-known venue in Piazza XX Settembre, for example, has decided to burden the customer with the weight of a disputed rule: you can pay for coffee with an ATM, of course, but it costs twice as much. Thus the property re-enters the commission that is forced to pay for the telematic operation. The price rises to 100 percent in the case of a coffee, but it is still one euro even if the expenditure reaches, for example, 10-15 euros. It is a kind of self-managed tax that is transferred to the buyer. The problem is that the commissions that affect the individual transactions carried out with ATM and credit card have remained. The result? Traders, if they respect the norm, in some cases end up working at breakeven, when not at a loss.

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