UNITED STATES Carole Delga: "Europe and France can not let go without reacting! "


Carole Delga, PS President of the Occitan Region.

Following the agreement of the WTO on the taxation of European products by retaliation from the United States, following the aid considered illegal at Airbus, the president of the Occitan Region reacted strongly.

" Our producers will pay the cost of economic and diplomatic conflicts in which they have nothing to do! This situation is unacceptable … The European Union and the French State must quickly take their responsibilities and resolve this situation. "

And to continue: " Even if the United States is not the first importer, the value of these exports is crucial for the financial balance of many winemakers in our territory. The Region is not meant to intervene at this diplomatic level, but we can not sit idly by waiting for this to happen. "

In a symbolic way, since this Friday, October 18th, a vast campaign of promotion of the products of South of France is set up within the House of Region of New York and more broadly in the United States. " We will value the products at the stores and stores, supporting both importers and producers Says Carole Delga.

In the medium term, the Region is committed to supporting producers of wine, charcuterie and cheese from the territory in their approach to export, to minimize the fluctuation of US imports but also to strengthen their positioning with countries of the Union, the first importers of our products.

" At the G7 in Biarritz, we were told that everything was settled. In front of Trump, words are not enough, we need a determination without fault Said Carole Delga.

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