Ugo Fredette, a man centered on him, says the Crown


(Saint-Jérôme) At the trial of Ugo Fredette, the Crown prosecutor read each of the 179 messages sent by the latter to his ex-wife Véronique Barbe, the day before his death. He also called 19 times, argued Me Steve Baribeau in his speech to demonstrate that he killed her in a context of criminal harassment two years ago.

Stéphanie Marin
The Canadian Press

These 179 messages were sent by the accused on Facebook when she sent him only 27. For phone calls, he made 19 while she phoned him once.

These messages were sent the same day a meeting of the couple in a therapist whom Veronique Barbe said to be "terrorized" by Ugo Fredette, said Me Baribeau to the jury of 12 people, Friday, at the courthouse of Saint-Jérôme.

She is afraid to the point where she does not want to go home with him, pleaded the prosecutor, reporting the testimony of the therapist Michel Corneillier.

Me Baribeau pleads all day Friday. He argued that the accused killed Veronique Barbe because he could not accept their separation, because it did not correspond to "his needs" and "his little person". Mme Barbe wanted to end the relationship and leave the house, which she was going to sell, he added.

"He could not get out of the relationship" and "he did not give up," the prosecutor said.

He illustrated this argument by reading the messages exchanged on Facebook on September 13, 2017.

"Do not leave me alone," he wrote, among others. "I will not be able" or "I do not want to be alone". He begs the 41-year-old to let him come home to "live his last mile" as a family. He wants another chance, reminds him that she had promised a trial of a month and professes her love.

She says no. She answers "stop" more than once, "STOP".

"You'll get what you deserve. I ask you to help me. You like better than I am alone, "writes the accused.

She ends up asking her if she should call someone "so that you do not harass me or hurt me". She also writes that he scares her.

But yet, says the prosecutor, the accused's version is that he went home that night and she greeted him, all smiles and "hot" and that she wanted to try a sex game .

"Do you believe that? Asked Me Baribeau to the jury. "What does your common sense and logic dictate? "

Véronique Barbe was found dead the next day in her house in Saint-Eustache.

Ugo Fredette is also accused of the premeditated murder of Yvon Lacasse, a 71-year-old man. According to the prosecution theory, Fredette escaped with a child after the murder of Véronique Barbe on board her employer's truck. Since he was too easily identifiable on the roads of Quebec, he killed the septuagenarian to steal his car and continue his run more discreetly, argued Me Baribeau.

Day of the two murders

The prosecutor has also attacked the accused's version of the facts and his credibility.

"Do you believe Ugo Fredette who says he does not remember anything as soon as Veronique Barbe grabbed a knife. Do you give credibility to that? "

The accused testified that on September 14, 2017, during a stormy quarrel, Véronique Barbe tried to push him down a staircase and grabbed a knife. The accused says he blocked the blow, but cut it off. Afterwards, he says he does not remember anything, until he has a "flash" of memory where he sees his ex-spouse on the kitchen floor, bathing in his blood.

"It will be up to you to decide whether you trust what Ugo Fredette told you, that he did not intend to kill her," said the lawyer to the jury members.

Fredette gave him 17 stab wounds, he said more than once.

And then, suggested to them Me Baribeau, "if she seized a knife, can not you assume that it was because she feared for her safety because she was a victim of criminal harassment? "

The defense lawyer, Me Louis-Alexandre Martin, for his part pleaded Thursday morning.

He did not ask the jury to whitewash the accused, but rather to find him guilty of manslaughter – not murder. He argued that Fredette had never intended to kill anyone on September 14, 2017. He had reached his breaking point, he pleaded.

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