Udine, 10 million fraud on residences for the elderly and minors: "Health at risk". 8 arrests: the owner Blasoni, former Forza Italia, in jail


"They compressed to the maximum the staff Price", Even at the risk of affecting"wellness and health" of Senior citizens is minor. Irregularities range from employment relationships to scam of private guests that, compared to the hospitalization fees paid, they got welfare benefits lower. In this way, society Sereni Orizzonti has illicitly received public contributions for over 10 million euros, presenting reports to Healthcare companies untruthful in order to the standards quantitative is qualitative of the services insured in their own facilities. These are the accusations with which the investigating judge of Udine, Mariarosa Persico, he ordered 9 precautionary measures personal data to be charged to aggravated fraud: it is about 4 precautionary cases in prison – including the founder and president of Sereni Orizzonti, Massimo Blasoni, former adviser of Forza Italia – 4 arrests house and an obligation to stay.

The 8 arrests were carried out by the Yellow Flames of Udine who also carried out searches and kidnappings for a total of ten million euros. There fraud aggravated is to the detriment of the budgets of the Regions Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Sicily. Sereni Orizzonti, the company led by Blasoni at the center of the investigations, over the years has become the first Italian company for growth in the construction and management of residences for the elderly to a large extent no longer self-sufficient. But also in the management of therapeutic communities – rehabilitation for minor and adolescents – with operational offices throughout the Italian territory. The group of Blasons also operates in Germany and in Spain. Manages 5,900 beds and occupies almost 3 thousand employees (mainly women) in 80 nursing homes and 10 child communities. In 2019 the turnover of Sereni Orizzonti (which had already marked + 147% in the last four years) will exceed quota for the first time 200 million euros.

For the yellow Flames, the operating structures of the company, “per maximize the business profits, compressed to the maximum the cost of the service personnel employed and provided different services for quantity and quality compared to standards e contractually provided, resulting in less assistance to the elderly and minors, even at the risk of affecting their well-being and health ”. For this purpose, they came underreported also more hours of social and health care, considering these services also those performed by personnel lacking the necessary qualifications and, in fact, used only in the cleaning and cooking services. The documentation attesting to the daily attendance of care workers and the hours of work they actually performed was systematically destroyed and / or occulted to the supervisory bodies. Other times, performance never made to their patients they were falsely accounted for on the basis of false invoices issued by compliant professionals.

The fraud system has emerged thanks to one tax audit conducted by the Fiamme Gialle of Udine, with a multidisciplinary approach, in which the financiers had noticed some critical issues in the reporting of the burdens to companies in the sector of assistance to guests of residences for the elderly and communities for minors. The Prosecutor of the Republic of Udine, Antonio De Nicolo, and the substitute Paola De Franceschi, who coordinated the investigations, wished to safeguard, in the request for the adoption of precautionary measures, the continuity of care and assistance services of the guests and the working relationships of the employees of the structures.


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