two people between life and death (Mouscron)


Violent collision in Herseaux: two people between life and death

The white vehicle deviated from its course in the bend, hitting the BMW frontally parking. One person was projected several meters away.


The Franco-Belgian intervention and rescue services intervened in the rue du Petit-Oudenaarde on Friday evening: one vehicle struck another at the stop.

Violent collision in Herseaux: two people between life and death


It is not yet midnight, on the night of Friday to Saturday, when a huge noise is heard at the street of Petit-Oudenaarde, just before the border crossing.

The details of an eyewitness

According to several witnesses, the white Peugeot has arrived at a brisk pace – we are talking about at least 150 km / m – from the Herseaux station area to France. A loss of control occurred in the turn.

"The Peugeot climbed onto the sidewalk, hitting the BMW at a standstill with one person inside and two outside. I saw the man being thrown several meters back. He was conscious on the ground. We did not stop talking to him so that he remains conscious while waiting for help », worries a local resident.

Lieutenant Verhaeghe coordinating on-site emergency response confirms condition

Violent collision in Herseaux: two people between life and death


criticism of two of the victims.

"For the BMW, there are three people involved. The driver has nothing. Because of their critical condition, one person was taken to the hospital in Lille and another to Kortrijk. "

Regarding the Peugeot in motion: "There were four people on board: one to one dislocation. She was transported to the CHM. Three others are only shocked ».

Another resident denounces recurring excessive speed. "We had just returned. Accidents, there are some here, but with such a noise, never! Fortunately, they have reinforced public lighting with LED lights this week, so we see a little better in the street but it does not solve the permanent problem of speed. "

At the time for us to leave the scene at 1:15, the situation was frozen: the vehicles could not be moved, waiting for news about the condition of the victims and therefore a descent or not the floor .

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