two Belgian jihadists have escaped from their prison in Syria


Three women and six children who were in the camp of Ain Issa, a theater of clashes between the Turkish army and Kurdish forces, also fled and are in the wild.

According to the director of OCAM, 55 Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTFs) and 69 children with ties to Belgium are in the region. They are either Belgians or foreigners who have stayed in Belgium before leaving for Syria.

All these people do not have the same degree of dangerousness: some have abjured their ideology, while others are still "hardcore" terrorists.

It is currently unlikely that an FTF can win Europe unchecked or even noticed, according to Van Tigchelt. Moreover, the main terrorist threat is no longer the sending of commandos from Syria, like the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris or Brussels, but rather lonely people who are radicalized in Europe.

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