Toyota Yaris 2020, here is the news of the new hybrid


Well, 20 years have already passed since the debut in our country of the first generation Toyota Yaris. What will be the novelties of the Japanese compact?

20 years have already passed since the debut in our country of the first generation Toyota Yaris and, right from the start, the car of the famous Japanese brand was a great success, so much so that they were recorded, only in Italy, about 1 million cars sold. But after three generations and numerous makeover, what news are in store for the small car of the Japanese giant?

Certainly, the Yaris 2020 has undergone some noteworthy revisions, starting with a new platform. The new models of the Toyota Yaris they will be based on the platform Tnga-B, specially designed for the most compact models of the Japanese company. Following the change of platform, the fourth generation will be shorter by about 5 mm, an almost irrelevant change. The real novelty lies in the width, since the new compact will be wider than 5 cm compared to the previous generation, allowing greater habitability both in the front and in the rear area.

Staying with numbers, instead they will be 4 cm less in height, a change of direction dictated by the desire to improve the cx of the fourth generation. Nevertheless the space for the head will remain almost the same thanks to the lowered and more advanced position of the seats. Those who will be driving, on the other hand, will be able to perceive the benefits of lowering the center of gravity by about 15 mm. Obviously, the Japanese giant has also thought about the outside, giving the car an innovative and very sporty look. There Yaris 2020 will be characterized by full LED "sharp" headlights, from a muscular side and, at the end, new ribs on the hood that will not go unnoticed. The back is instead characterized by a shiny black band that combines the two headlights that resemble those of VW T-Cross.

Also Toyota Yaris keeps up with the times in terms of security. In fact, a new frontal airbag was inserted between the front seats. Therefore, in case of impact the driver and passenger will be protected by any involuntary side collisions. With the new Yaris debuts on Hybrid Dynamic Force system, which includes the renovated three-cylinder 1.5 liter Atkinson petrol engine. As for the electrical part, the motor is powered by lithium ion batteries that turn out to be 27% lighter than the previous generation. The union of the two halves of the hybrid system brings Yaris to a efficiency value of 40%, a significant figure for the petrol engine market.

In addition to the Hybrid model, a purely endothermic version will be available with the same 3-cylinder 1.0 or 1.5-liter petrol engine

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