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4 >> Tokyo stock market, slightly positive Follow the direction of US stocks The Asian market is both positive and negative. Keep an eye on U.S. and Chinese trade negotiations, Oct. 10-11.

Tokyo stock market this morning shifted slightly Buy pressure is supported by the rise of the US stock market. Non-farm payroll data is still rising. Switched to selling pressure from concerns about the US-China trade war after news reports that China is reluctant to agree to an overall trade agreement with the United States.

Stocks that led the increase during the open market were Sea transport group Insurance group And retail groups

At 8.55 hrs. In Thailand

The Nikkei 225 index of Japanese stock markets stood at 21,341.93 points, down 68.27 points, -0.32%.

Most Asian stock markets are both positive and negative. Investors keep an eye on trade talks between the United States and China that will begin this week. Waiting for September non-farm payroll numbers in the United States. Today Phrae After many previous economic data reflect the economic stagnation

Analysts view that The outcome of this trade negotiation will be an indicator of whether both parties will be able to reach a temporary agreement and postpone taxation. There is a 40% chance that both countries will reach a temporary agreement and another 60% that is Donald President. Trump postponed tax collection

Analysts also state that The provisional agreement would at least be approved by President Trump, which would postpone the taxation and allow some American companies to sell products to Huawei in exchange for China buying US agricultural products. More

The 30% import tax on Chinese imports at a rate of 30% will take effect on October 15.

At the same time, there is news that China is reluctant to agree with an overall trade agreement with the United States.

The Hong Kong stock market HSI index was at 25,821.03 points, down 289.28 points, -1.11%.

KOSPI, the Korea stock market, stood at 2,023.19 points, up 2.50 points, + 0.12%.

TAIEX, Taiwan stock market stood at 10,944.92 points, up 50.44 points, + 0.46%.

Chinese stock market closed

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