Today's horoscope, Sunday 27 October: what the stars say sign for sign


Here is today's horoscope, Sunday 27 October, signed by Barbanera and aired every day on Rgs.

Aries. The atmosphere in the couple is disrupted. Matters of principle, old rusts and jealousies still see you in sharp disagreement.

Bull. Quiet climate, but signs of change come from the sky. You can't rest on your laurels: anxieties and struggles for your upcoming career.

Gemini. The feast day promises to be radiant, thanks to the Moon in Libra. A well balanced mix of rationality and fantasy makes it perfect for every creative journey.

Cancer. The Moon in Libra complicates your day a little, especially about activities and affections. The dilemma is always the same: work or family?

Lion. With the help of the Moon, events are expected to live up to your expectations, as grandiose as ever.

Virgin. New professional opportunities open up and if you cultivate confidence in your possibilities, you will achieve results above the most optimistic expectations.

Weight scale. The harmonic Jupiter Moon is an invitation to follow the current of life, putting aside the retaliations, the past chores and the rigid principles.

Scorpio. The strong ascendancy you have over others, together with your tenacity, will allow you to open doors that seemed hopelessly closed.

Sagittarius. To get back on track, count on Luna and Giove, supporters of lightness and enthusiasm. A carefree, peaceful, but not at all boring Sunday.

Capricorn. An ambitious idea in your head, but hesitate for fear of not succeeding? Ask a trusted person for advice and follow his advice.

aquarium. Ready to take advantage of the Moon and the occasion of a short trip, to leave your worries at home and relax in the way you prefer?

Pisces. Issues of ordinary administration and new professional strategies for the future. Old but still valid projects are back in the limelight.

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