TMW EXCLUSIVE – Fossati: "Taurus, you can't play that badly. Verdi …"



Another ko, the one with the Udinese, and a still disappointing Torino. Many criticisms start to fall on the team and on Mazzarri. "The grenades are hurting, you can't play that badly," says Natalino Fossati, the bull's flag to TMW. "I saw a team divided into three sections, there was never a verticalization. Turin yesterday did not arrive. It was a performance that made me sleep".

Could the Mazzarri cycle already be finished?
"I hope not, but things are not going well. We should be inside the locker room to understand but I still see players out of role, there is no play on the flanks. And I also noticed a certain tiredness on the part of the players. Moreover, the Taurus I had not seen it well with Naples either, the problems had been there also in that game ".

Many fans already invoke Gattuso …
"I would see it well, he could be the right coach for us. Mazzarri will have to win with Cagliari otherwise he will be on the starting foot." In my opinion, however, there will be a reaction and the Taurus will take the three points ".

Meanwhile Verdi does not engage …
"He is not in condition and he is not a point. He is a half-tip. I hope Iago is recovered, the only one who jumps the man and puts the ball in the middle."

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