Thursday of bad weather, four Regions in alarm


The forecast they agree: the next few hours will be difficult for some regions in particular. It will indeed be a Thursday of bad weather particularly accentuated for Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont is Tuscany: the Civil protection has issued theweather alert orange from the evening of today Wednesday 23 October.

All the fault of a depression, centered between the Iberian peninsula and the Balearics, which in its movement towards Sardinia will determine a new perturbed impulse that will first involve the westernmost sectors of our country and then the central Tyrrhenian regions and Sicily.

Based on the available forecasts, the Civil Protection Department has issued a notice of adverse weather conditions.

Bad weather, the weather alert issued

From today's evening, Wednesday 23 October, precipitation, with a predominant reverse or temporal character, even of strong intensity, first on Liguria, Piedmont, Valle D'Aosta, Lombardy and Western Emilia Romagna and then extending, from tomorrow morning, Thursday 24 October, in Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.

From tomorrow afternoon with a predominant reverse or temporal character, even of strong intensity, on Sicily, with particular reference to the central-western sectors. The phenomena will be accompanied by heavy rain showers, frequent electrical activity, local hailstorms and strong gusts of wind.

On the basis of the phenomena envisaged and in progress, it was evaluated tomorrow, October 24, orange alert on Liguria and part of Lombardy, Piedmont and Tuscany.

Also assessed yellow alert on Lazio, Umbria and Valle D'Aosta, on broad sectors of Sardinia, on part of Emilia Romagna, Sicily and on the remaining territory of Tuscany, Lombardy and Piedmont.

Weather reverses: the heat returns and it will be a decidedly anomalous weekend

From Friday the wave of bad weather will leave space for a real "African roar". A vast field of high pressure will in fact lead to Italy with consequent anomalous peaks of heat decidedly out of season.

Friday 25 October bad weather will only affect the South and Sicily, then the African roar will start.

Saturday 26 October the sun will shine on almost all regions and temperatures are expected to increase and well beyond the averages of this period, with peaks over 24-25 degrees, especially in the central and southern regions. Watch out for the return of the fog to the northern plains which will limit the visibility especially during the night and early morning.

A condition that will be repeated Sunday 27 October when above all on the Tyrrhenian side temperatures can be well above 24 degrees.

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