The women of Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy settle their accounts, Netflix wants to make a documentary


The message, posted on Coleen Rooney's Instagram and Twitter accounts, has inflamed social networks. Wayne Rooney's wife reveals that Rebekah Vardy, who is none other than the Foxes' attacker's wife, reportedly used information posted on her private Instagram account and sold them to a tabloid.

"For several years, someone I trust and who follows my private Instagram account constantly informed the newspaper The Sun of my posts and my stories," says Coleen Rooney. '' After a while, I ended up having some doubts … ''

Coleen Rooney sets up a stratagem

To finally discover the pot to the roses, Coleen Rooney decides to block all his followers. Except an account, the one she suspects. And the stratagem of the 33-year-old works, since it continues to feed his account, now more than private, with false news, and realizes that the information is still leaked in the press …
"I recorded and took a screenshot of all my stories to prove that only one person had seen them," continues Coleen Rooney. "And that was … Rebekah Vardy's account."

Vardy proclaims his innocence

Faced with this accusation, the young woman targeted, also friend of the wife of the former striker Manchester United, had to react. She did it barely fifteen minutes after Coleen Rooney's revelations, in a message tinged with bitterness and disappointment.

"I hope you would have called me if you really thought that," says Rebekah Vardy on her own Instagram account. "If you had told me about it, I would have changed my passwords to see if it went on," she justifies, claiming her innocence. Rebekah Vardy concludes her response by saying she is very angry with Coleen Vardy, "especially since she knows she is pregnant."

Netflix gets involved

Inevitably, Netflix, always on the lookout for a '' troll '' to do on social networks, quickly grabbed the case. "We're going to have to do a documentary about this, are not we?", Quipped the UK account of the streaming platform.Netflix had already dedicated a documentary to Wayne Rooney, titled The man behind the goals ('' The man behind the goals ''). They can always contact the former English international to have the number of his companion. But it was discovered today that she did not like to expose her private life.

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