the video was streamed live for 35 minutes on Twitch


For thirty-five minutes, Wednesday, October 9, Twitch was no longer the usual sanctuary for gamers and other e-sports. From 3:19 pm, the platform of streaming turned into a bloodthirsty theater, broadcasting live the attack perpetrated on the streets of the Halle, Germany.
Twitch took more than half an hour to remove the footage from the shooting. This (long) live broadcast once again shows how difficult it is for killers to stand out online, despite the post-Christchurch mobilization.

More than 2,200 people viewed the images

If the live has not been followed than By five people, the recording, automatically stored on the platform, was seen by 2,200 people. Worse: Twitch indicates that the video was later shared in a coordinated way Through third-party couriers. In fact, it's impossible to say for the moment how many people have seen it in total.

" We have done as soon as possible to remove this content, and we will suspend all the accounts that will post or repost images of this abominable act Said a spokeswoman for Twitch, interviewed by AFP. " Once the video was removed, we shared the information with a consortium in our industry to help prevent the proliferation of this content. We take this very seriously and are committed to working with our peers, law enforcement and all stakeholders to protect our community ", Stressed the online video company.

A Twitch account almost inactive

The shooter, whose attack on Yom Kippur killed two people and wounded two seriously in this eastern German city, used an account created two months earlier on Twitch. Almost inactive, this account had been used only once before for a "live".

The modus operandi evokes the attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand last March. For 17 minutes, the Australian supremacist had, too, broadcast the slaughter that killed 51 people on Facebook live. This delay has earned the world's first social network some very harsh criticism, culminating in the signing of the Christchurch Appeal between states and tech companies.

The Twitch network is more confidential, the echo on the networks is still less than the 4,000 views of the video broadcast live on Facebook. But, it seems that despite the political will and the support of major platforms, the regulation of live content – on all networks simultaneously – is unfortunately impossible.

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