The United States disappoints! Lose to Canada


The United States showed poor quality in the match against Canada, the squad led by Gregg Berhalter could not face a set of the Mapple Leaf that was well ordered, pressed and was accurate before the goal of Steffen, who saved the team on a couple of occasions, but that he could not stop Davies and Cavallini, authors of the only two annotations of the meeting.

Match Chronicle

The game started evenly, both teams wanted to look up on the scoreboard, but with the passing of Canada Canada became stronger. Alphonso Davies, the star of the Canadian team and player of Bayern Munich, was the most aggressive, but he was wrong on a couple of occasions when he could put the score in his favor from the first half.

It was the 15th minute when Davies arrived in the area and shot at close range to the American goalkeeper, who in the first instance saved his bow and second chance, crossed the arc too much to miss a goal that seemed sung.

Two minutes later Borjan responded in the arch of Canada, Well, Jordan Morris made a shot that seemed to stick near the right post that covered the Canadian goal and ended in the corner kick. These were the two most important plays of the first half.

For the second half, Pulisic was able to change the course of the match with an open-archery shot that crashed into the rival goalkeeper's body, and that is that 63 Davies made the first goal of the game by beating the defensive sector and sweep to send to keep the ball.

Cavallini put the final numbers of the match at 91 ', as the Puebla player made a sensational shot inside the USA area.

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