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DIn a message published on May 3, Mr. Rousseau described the lack of manpower as fake news.

"The shortage of manpower is a fake news to make you think that you are all incompetent / incompetent," he wrote. That way we keep the same working conditions of 50 years ago. "

Jean Rousseau wanted to clarify his point of view when La Tribune joined him to comment.

"It makes me laugh because everywhere we see signs" we are hiring "is more or less difficult conditions, difficult schedules, no work-family balance and minimum wage. It's 2019, I can not believe it.

"One thing employers do not consider is that working conditions have not changed in 40 years," he continues. It is not for nothing that there are shortages of manpower, people do not want to do that anymore. The employers are responsible for that. My first job was in a shoe factory in 1978 and when I went back to industrial work in 2017, it was the same thing. "

Mayor Steve Lussier

In the same publication on social networks, the former MP mentioned that Sherbrooke Mayor Steve Lussier "reminded him of Goofy".

"He is a banker, but I think that two years later, he has learned his role," said Mr. Rousseau. But he's a capitalist and I'm not sure we need capitalists as mayors. He's not a guy who knows the terrain, but he's done well. He's not a fool. "

Earlier, on April 17, Mr. Rousseau did not go out of his way to talk about Jason Kenney, the Premier of Alberta.

"Fuck you Kenney we do not like you and have no fucking intention on you here! You will be arrested as soon as you enter Quebec. No, but it's a real criss of stuffing this clown! "

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