The report cards of Juventus – HD without colors, Bernardeschi creates but wastes


Final result: Lecce 1, Juventus 1.

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The report cards of Juventus - HD without colors, Bernardeschi creates but wastes

Szczesny 6 – Little work for the Polish tonight, displaced by the rigor of Mancosu.

Danilo 6 – Good the first few minutes track, in which it also puts a couple of good balls in small area. At game time Sarri calls him back to the bench. From 58 ' Cuadrado 6 – Does not exploit the spaces that Lecce grants and the tiredness of home training.

Bonucci 6 – Not much work in the middle of the area, it is noted for a couple of head shots in the Giallorossi area, but both are not big.

De Ligt 6 – Juventus suffers practically zero in his area and the penalty whistled against him appears at least severe. He touches the ball with his hand, but his arm was along his body and certainly not in an unnatural position.

Alex Sandro 6.5 – He is among the most on the ball and does not hesitate to prove it: the assist for Higuain, who is however in the offside. Other beautiful initiatives on the left bear his name.

Bentancur 6.5 – Dance on the green lawn with the innate elegance of which it is endowed: better as a midfielder than as a director, it is still a very precious player for Sarri.

Pjanic 6.5 – He manages possession well, never risking the opponent's counterattack and trying to place himself at the center of the Juventus maneuver. From 65 ' Khedira 6 – He cannot add anything to the Juventus maneuver in the minutes Sarri gives him.

Emre Can 6 – The Lecce match seems like an untapped opportunity: after a ball lost in the opening, it fails to make a proper mark on Sarri's team. From 72 'Rabiot sv.

Bernardeschi 5.5 – Goes to flare-ups, but wastes too much: in the second half, immediately after the peer of Lecce, we build a superb goal ball but it spoils it lightly, hitting the post after passing Gabriel.

Higuain 5.5 – Puts in the offside network in the first half and is the only ring of his game: with Dybala the feeling is not superlative and are more nuanced duets than successful ones.

Dybala 6.5 – By far the most dangerous of his: from the spot he made the third goal in four days and confirmed himself as the most fit of Sarri's attackers.

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