the quotations of Matic go up. Young people, priority to those who are already at Inter


The January market ofInter will be mainly concentrated on the midfield. No more players to attack With you, the goal is to strengthen in the median, where we aim to take a player with qualities that are lacking in the department. An opportunity, as he also stated Giuseppe Marotta lately. Precisely for this reason, according to what filters from the club, it is not easy for the ideal conditions to manifest themselves to arrive at the two blaugrana several times combined with the nerazzurri, Arturo Vidal is Ivan Rakitic. Both are too expensive at the moment. The same applies to Muller of the Bayern Monaco.

The first choice remains Arturo Vidal, but it must be him to come forward and ask for the assignment otherwise nothing will happen. Instead, the idea is taking shape that a player with missing characteristics can enter, for example Nemanja Matic. The Serbian is in fact considered an element capable of combining physicality and personality. The first of these two qualities certainly does not lack a Gagliardini is Vecino, but both have a shorter curriculum behind them than a three-time champion of England with years of participation in the Champions League and appearances in the Serbian national team behind him.

As for the prospects for the future, the will is to enhance the elements of the youth sector, as happened with Esposito and not going to take elements formed in other companies but which today have already prohibitive costs. Obviously, profiles like these are followed Kulusevksi or Tonali, but the company is aware of having a class of 2002 that has just won an Under 17 category championship, was mostly carried in the Spring and to which were added players like Agoume. Before spending and spreading on similar profiles we will evaluate who is already the property of Inter.

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