The photo of Griezmann diverted by Turkey



A Roxana Maracineanu, his French counterpart, who claims "exemplary punishment" to Uefa, the Turkish sports minister on Tuesday contrasted a photograph of Antoine Griezmann to establish an analogy of salvation that is controversial between the two countries, and beyond…

In the stands of the Stade de France, where the French authorities feared Monday evening possible excesses, the meeting counting for the qualifiers of the Euro 2020 between France and Turkey (1-1) has on the contrary led to a perfect communion between the supporters of both teams. The Marseillaise, who had been whistled during the visit of the Blues to Konya in early June (2-0), was respected and even applauded by some of the 40,000 Turks present in the compound.

The geopolitical context of the military offensive launched by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in northern Syria against the Kurds could have remained at the gates of the stadium, if the Turkish players had not reproduced their military salute to the address of their 3,800 supporters of the park visitors to celebrate the equalization of the head of Ayhan (82). An image that did not see the 7.4 million viewers who followed the meeting, since it was not broadcast live on M6 according to the specifications imposed by the Uefa.

The gesture of "Grizi" in Macron

But this gesture, reproduced after the final whistle by the players of Senol Guneş, has aroused the anger of the French authorities. In the case of Roxana Maracineanu, a member of the government who came to watch the match, who considered it to be "contrary to the sporting state"And the Sports Minister to claim the Uefa"an exemplary sanction".

"On potentially provocative political behavior"Turkish players, recidivists in the matter, since they had already greeted in this way in their last victory over Albania (1-0) in Istanbul, the European body, which proscribes any behavior or attitude of a political nature , has indeed opened a disciplinary investigation, entrusted to an investigator responsible for floor on possible sanctions.

Tuesday, it is Mehmet Kasapoglu, the Minister of Turkish Sports, present Monday, in Saint-Denis and which himself relayed on the social networks the cliche of the military salute, which counter-attacked in a very singular way. To justify this attitude, this one has brandished a photo of Antoine Griezmann sending a military salute to Emmanuel Macron during the presentation of the Legion of Honor to the world champions last June (*): "Those who did not say anything when Griezmann made this military salute now seek to find a different meaning to the beautiful salute that our players have made. "

(*) Griezmann had already saluted the head of state and head of the army, after the final of the 2018 World Cup against Croatia (4-2).

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