The new toothbrush with Oral-B artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence is in fashion, more and more lately. And if on the one hand this is positive news, as we concentrate time and resources to advance a field of information technology that will certainly represent the future, on the other there are objects that perhaps would not need an IA update … And instead .

For example, it is the case of "Oral-B GENIUS X with artificial intelligence", your next electric toothbrush with a nice dose of artificial intelligence. The genius here is Oral-B, who claims that his new $ 220 electric toothbrush (about 200 euros) will use data from special sensors inside the brush head, using Bluetooth, to get advice from AI on how to brush your teeth more effectively, all through a smartphone app. Finally the future has arrived, form an orderly tail, do not push, there is one for all.

The company, through a press release, a little sui generis, claims to have improved the tooth-washing technique "deepening the understanding of consumer behavior in 60 countries", a real scientific research on the correct methodology, to avoid cavities and inflammations. Then continue proudly, "Oral-B has created an algorithm of over 2,000 brushing sessions to get exclusive information on brushing behaviors around the world". Applause, curtain.

Artificial intelligence experts prefer that we don't go see the new Terminator movie, but who knows what they think of toothbrushes. Have you already ordered yours?

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