The new light multipurpose armored vehicle "Serval" hard tests on the Angevin slopes


The first tests of the Serval prototype, the Army's future light multi-role armored vehicle, took place on the slopes of the DGA Techniques et Techniques test center in Angers at the beginning of September.

christened Serval, the new lightweight multi-role armored vehicle (VBMR), has carried out first tests of displacement on the tracks of the center of expertise and tests of the General Direction of armament Techniques terrestrial (DGA TT), in border of Angers , at the beginning of September 2019.

On the huge site of nearly 160 ha in Montreuil-Juigne (near Angers), the DGA TT is testing new military vehicles or adapting equipment already in service. The protoype of the Serval so it has undergone its first tests.

Promising trials

"These tests were conducted on different types of terrain to test all the conditions of travel: tracks with wrinkles, humps, sandy, rocky, tracks of undergrowth, tracks with tank. The prototype has been adapted to all these situations and suggests very good mobility capabilities. Other tests are planned in 2020: it will be in particular to characterize the wear of the vehicle thanks to an accelerated aging test equivalent to several years of use "says the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

The Serval is intended primarily for reconnaissance and intelligence units and may also equip support and support units.

This 4×4 armored vehicle, of the order of 15 to 17 tonnes depending on its load, integrates various equipment common to the Scorpion program vehicles, in particular the electronic heart of the vehicle, a machine gun operated from the cockpit, threat detectors as well as as the Scorpion Combat Information System (SICS).

The Serval on one of the DGA tank tracks, in September 2019. | DIRECTION GÉNÉRAL DE L'ARMEMENT (DGA)

1 060 Serval ordered

It is available in four main versions: patrol, intelligence and reconnaissance, communications relay, electronic warfare.

The Directorate-General for Weapons awarded the market for the development and production of Serval to the Nexter and Texelis group of companies in February 2018. The 2019-2025 military programming law provides that 50% of the new Scorpion program vehicles will be delivered over the period, representing 489 vehicles. Serval.

The first deliveries of the Serval will intervene in 2022. In total 1,060 Serval should be delivered by 2030.

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The new light multipurpose armored vehicle "Serval" hard tests on the Angevin

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