The hyenas, Philippe Davero against the Sicilians: "They scare me, southerners who eat". All the fault of Bobbio


"To me the Sicily does not like, is inhabited by southerners roasting". This unhappy exit Philippe Daverio to Hyenas sparked an uproar, complete with a parliamentary question. But let's rewind the tape and try to explain the intricate story that led the art critic to issue these statements. Everything starts from the final episode of Il Borgo dei Borghi, the transmission of RAI-3 which offers the possibility to twenty Italian villages to show their respective beauties.

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The winning village has to be declared: the televoting rewards Palazzolo Acreide (Sicily) with 41% of preferences, while Bobbio (Emilia Romagna) stops at 20%. The jury directed by Daverio changes the result; nothing wrong, except that there is an obvious behind the turnaround conflict of interest. The art critic is in fact an honorary citizen of Bobbio and has therefore been accused of having deprived Palazzolo Acreide of the final victory on a personal matter.

Intercepted by Hyenas, Daverio aggravated the situation: "I don't like Sicily and I won't even go there anymore, seeing how they took the thing. I'm scared, I felt a threatening tone that is part of Sicilian culture". In reality, the mayor of Palazzolo Acreide welcomed the jury's decision with irony, promising honorary citizenship to the art critic. The latter later apologized, perhaps realizing that he had gone beyond the limit:" I apologize to the Sicilians, because I generalized by telling many people what was destined for a few troublemakers ".

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