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That's all for us, thanks for joining us and continuing to do so for the other Serie A basketball games 2019/2020.

Second consecutive league defeat for Milan. The winners of the last Italian Cup, instead, return to the success that was missing from the season debut against Treviso. MVP a 19 point Wes Saunders. You don't need a 26 point Vlado Micov, better for Olimpia.


82-78 Rodriguez foul on the three-footed shot, but only scores the first two free.

82-76 Two free to sign for Mathews.

80-76 Stolen and Micov's lay-up. -4, but 17 seconds to go at the end.

80-74 Bomb for the Meneghini. It's not over.

80-71 free two to sign for Rodriguez.

80-69 DE VICO BOMB! It could be the decisive basket. 1’30 ”at the end.

77-69 Two points for Milan who does not want to give up.

77-67 Stojanovic goes inside and puts another lay-up.

75-67 Saunders' incredible lay-up. +8 Vanoli. For Milan it becomes very hard.

73-67 Penetration of Saunders, basket and do it! Free wrong, though.

71-67 SAUNDERS BOMB! Cremona again at +4.

68-67 Palmi's Bomb! Cremona comes back.

65-67 Dribble, stop and roll roll. Milan ahead. Partial 13-2 in these first five minutes of 4/4 for Milan.

65-65 Tarczeski from the mid-range. He brought his team back down with a fantastic fourth quarter start.

65-63 Roll Bomb! Milan to -2.

65-60 Tiby with two points.

63-60 Tarczewski leads his to a detachment possession with two free.

63-58 Reverse lay-up of the Chacho.

63-56 Tarczewski scores after taking the offensive rebound.

The third quarter ends 63-54 for Cremona.

63-54 Matthews enters from the corner and puts it on the siren at the end of the third quarter.

61-54 Two free sign for Micov.

61-52 De Vico from the line is 2/2 from the line.

59-52 Two free sign for Roll. Pure oxygen for Milan.

59-50 Saunders with two points in low post. Maximum benefit Cremona.

57-50 Stojanovic to sign with two free.

55-50 Try to lengthen Cremona.

53-50 Stolen and crushed in the open field for Della Valle.

53-48 Two points on the counterattack of Mathews. Messina calls time out.

51-48 First bomb of Diener's game.

48-48 Della Valle dribble, arrest and winning shot.

48-46 De Vico answers immediately by three!

45-46 Back in Milan with Micov's bomb triggered by a Rodriguez exhaust.

45-43 1/2 to the free for Micov.

45-42 Sobin's Tap-in winner.

43-42 Lay-up of Rodriguez on the counterattack.

43-40 Gudaitis from below with foul. Free to sign.

43-37 Mathews' bomb that starts the third quarter.


The second quarter ends with Cremona ahead 40-37.

40-37 Sobin takes the offensive rebound and takes Cremona to +3.

38-37 Two free targets for Saunders.

36-37 Two other free markers for Della Valle.

36-35 Overtaking Cremona with two free passes from Mathews.

34-35 Another triple for Cremona, was put by Saunders.

31-35 2/2 to free for Della Valle.

31-33 1/2 to the free for El Chacho Rodriguez.

31-32 De Vico receives on the pick & roll and scores with a dunk.

29-32 Another bomb for Vanoli, this time by De Vico.

26-32 Basketball and foul for Micov after offensive rebound. Free to sign.

26-29 Saunders Bomb!

23-29 2/2 from the line for Micov which rises to 13 points.

23-27 Another Micov bomb!

23-24 Sobin from below, -1 Cremona.

21-24 Two points on the counterattack of Palmi.

19-24 Bomb of Stojanovic.

The first quarter ends 16-24 for Milan.

16-24 Two free sign for Moraschini.

16-22 Two more points from below Burns. The defense of Vanoli makes water.

16-20 Palmi's bomb that puts an end to Cremona's offensive drought.

13-20 Burns tap-in winner with do it now. Free to sign.

13-17 Moraschini penetrates from the corner, sends the defender to the bar and puts two.

13-15 1/2 to the free for Saunders.

12-15 Arrest and shooting of Amedeo Della Valle.

12-13 Two free to sign for Mathews.

10-13 Gudaitis! First post-injury basket with a spreader.

10-11 Two more points, this time from the line, by Micov.

10-9 Saunders with support on Gazzotti's extra pass that had been well served by Diener on the Pick & Roll.

8-9 Two points in penetration of Akele.

6-9 Stopping and shooting from the average of Micov, +3 Milan.

6-7 Sobin takes the offensive bounce, turns on the pin and scores two points.

4-7 White is fouled while shooting from three (second of Tiby who sits on the bench) and scores all three free.

4-4 Micov's bomb with do it now! Game of 4 materialized.

4-0 Mathews scores by two and Messina immediately calls time out.

2-0 Sobin from the post, first basket of the match for Cremona.

Absent for Milan today, both Scola, kept at rest for the next week's Euroleague appointment, and Jeff Brooks.

16.50 Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE by Vanoli Cremona – Olimpia Milano of OA Sport. The double ball is scheduled for 17.00.

Presentation of the 5th day of Serie A Basket 2019/2020 – Program, timetable and where to see the meeting on TV

After the second consecutive success in Euroleague, at the Athens OAKA against Panathinaikos, the Olimpia Milano of coach Ettore Messina does not want to stop and aims to return to triumph also in the league, where he has returned from an unexpected home defeat against Brindisi. In today's challenge that sees it contrasted with the Vanoli Cremona coached by Meo Sacchetti, moreover, the Lithuanian pivot Arturas Gudaitis will also be back on the field, who was out on 1 February 2019.

Cremona, for its part, absolutely needs a victory, after losing in the last two outings, both away, against Virtus Roma and Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia. The winners in charge of the Italian Cup, who, finally, will play in front of the public friend, hope that the difficulties that Olimpia Milano has shown in holding up the double appointment, in these first weeks of the season, will also be manifested today.

Appointment at 17.00 with our LIVE LIVE text to not miss even a second of this exciting Lombard derby that will see two teams facing each other with only one result available: win!

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