The fans did a magnificent job


"The fans have done a magnificent job," Algerian coach Djamel Belmadi said after the victory against Colombia (3-0) on Tuesday in Lille, while announcing that he will "reproduce" other matches in the future. this guy on French soil "in Marseille, Nice or Paris". Q: What did you think of the atmosphere this (Tuesday) evening?
A: "Great, there was a great atmosphere, we felt at home, the stadium was good for us, the fans did a great job, they came to support their team, that's what we hoped, what we wanted, and there is nothing to complain about.There was a small incident at the end with these two men who decided to come a little spoil this holiday (by entering the field Otherwise, other than that, it was superb. "

Q: Do you want to come back to play in France in the near future?
A: "There is a strong Algerian community, you have seen the craze there was.
France is, I think, the country with the largest Algerian community, and in a way it was a test to see if things would go well. It's unfortunate to say that, but you have to show your board. Things went well. Some cities have refused to play these games, rightly or wrongly, this is not the debate, but tomorrow will play Marseille, Nice or Paris would be interesting. It's to reproduce. "

Q: What is your coach job going to be focused on now?
A: "There is a lot of work, we want to progress, the environment must be competitive and surpassing oneself, we are still far from perfect, we can be better organized, we can do even worse, be more fluid in our game. And, there is the goal of a qualification for the World Cup.
We are not there yet, matches will arrive in March. The matches in Africa are particular and difficult, there are no more small African nations. "

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