The duo Doncic-Porzingis has fun with the Thunder


For their last home preseason against the Thunder, the Mavericks rolled out their basketball with a pick-and-roll between Doncic and Porzingis that takes shape. Both begin to be on their land, and even if there is still waste, it is very promising. As for example, this pass in the back of the Slovenian on a pick-and-pop for the 3-point Latvian.

On arrival, 19 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists for Luka Doncic with 17 points and 13 rebounds for Kristaps Porzingis, and especially a victory of 37 points (107-70). When the latter has solved his address problems, it will do damage. One thing is certain, he is good with his new teammate, but also with Delon Wright, rather good at the maneuver. We generally note that Rick Carlisle starts with a pair of rather defensive backs with the Wright-Lee duo, while Tim Hardaway Jr is used as a joker. See if he keeps this formula when Jalen Brunson is back.

OKC side, not much to put in the tooth as the team took a broth from the first minutes. Danilo Gallinari and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander have sprung up, unlike Dennis Schroder completely on the street. The German has almost shown sufficiency, as on this lay up taken quietly, too easy to cover for Porzingis.

Mavericks / 107shotsrebounds
K. Porzingis267/213/90/031013030311714
Mr Kleber215/92/62/2134020111414
L. Doncic274/102/69/112810721611924
D. Wright274/81/40/025732110915
C. Lee193/60/20/00223110069
A. Holman20/00/00/00000000000
I. Roby91/40/01/23250101134
J. Jackson235/81/41/2033051201210
B. Marjanovic90/10/00/00550211004
J.J. Barea173/90/30/01238102069
A. Cleveland70/20/00/00330101000
D. Mathias40/10/11/21230313010
J. Reaves111/20/02/20111022045
S. Curry91/31/20/00111010034
R. Broekhoff60/10/00/00221000002
T. Hardaway Jr.224/53/32/2044311001320
Thunder / 70shotsrebounds
N. Noel224/60/10/022401124813
D. Gallinari226/122/42/2156220101617
D. Schroder261/101/51/2022620414-1
S. Gilgeous-Alexander297/160/32/2088030511611
H. Diallo241/40/00/2000051102-3
Mr. Muscala80/10/11/10002101112
D. Bazley201/61/51/41451010043
Mr. Henry20/10/00/00110000000
A. Nader142/60/20/00331000044
J. Patton191/40/20/023503733211
L. Dort51/50/32/3000011104-1
T. Ferguson250/40/20/0022140100-2
D. Hall102/51/40/00110102051
D. Burton132/40/10/00221000146
D. Akoon-Purcell20/20/10/0000000000-2

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