The 'Diary' decision on the fate of the 'Orange Line' has revealed a new contract split by 30 billion baht.


brew "Journals" decide the fate of the "Orange Line". Study results indicate the dismantling of a new contract. Civil work separation – work can save 30 billion baht

Mr Sak Siamchitchai, Minister of Transport, revealed today (8 October) that the Ministry of Transport and related agencies will present information on the Orange Line (West) Project, the Cultural Center of Thailand – Bang Khun Non, at a distance of 35.9 Kilometers and the electric train system, worth a total of 122,041 million baht, to Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charnverakul. Because Mr. Anutin has been assigned to the Cabinet (Cabinet) economy to follow the project.

The Ministry of Transport will present 2 types of orange electric train (west) information for Mr. Anutin to consider, as follows: 1. Open bidding for the public-private joint-venture (PPP) model, by combining the construction contract and operating contract into 1 contract as before. And 2. Separating civil work contracts Out of the operating contract In the opinion of the Ministry of Finance With the government investing in civil works Private investment in vehicle work Which will result in a reduced investment limit of more than 10 billion baht

In addition, the Ministry of Transport will present information about stakeholders. (Stakeholders) for Mr. Anutin to consider as well In order to determine the priorities of the stakeholders in considering the project between the public and private sectors, who should consider the most Initially, people must be considered as the number 1 and the people have to bear the smallest fare.

"The meeting will consider the cost comparison. The pros and cons between the merger of the old contract as proposed by MRTA and the separation of the contract according to the Ministry of Finance's opinion. In which, if choosing the original format, a large cabinet will be proposed for approval by October 2019, but if it is agreed that a new contract should be split Have to propose the matter back to the Economic Cabinet to discuss again, "Sak Siam said.

For the case of financial and fiscal discipline in that project Mr Sak Siam said At this time there are no problems. The project can be loaded in the budget year 2020 between October 2019 – September 2020.

Reporters reported that From the comparative study of the cost of the MRT Orange Line Project (West), it was found that Separation of civil and motor vehicle contract from With the government taking on the civil work Will cause the budget of the project to be reduced by around 30 billion baht

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