The court of cassation definitively authorizes little Fanch to keep the tilde on his first name


"The public prosecutor's office got stuck in the carpet," said the family lawyer of the boy of 2 years and a half, explaining this decision by a "deformity".

The Court of Cassation definitively allowed, Thursday, October 17, the little Fanch to keep his tilde, this sign used in the Breton names. The highest court of the French judiciary has ruled inadmissible appeal cassation formulated by the public prosecutor of Rennes against a judgment of the Court of Appeal authorizing the Breton script.

"The public prosecutor's office got caught in the carpet", said Jean-Rene Kerloc'h, a lawyer for Fanch's family, 2½ years old, explaining this decision "defect of form". "The judgment of the Rennes Court of Appeals becomes final, now it will be difficult to refuse the tilde to another child"added the lawyer.

After the birth of Fanch, on May 11, 2017, the civil status officer of Quimper (Finistere) refused to retain the Breton script, before being disavowed by the Deputy Mayor, Isabelle Le Bal (MoDem). The prosecutor then appealed to the Quimper court in the name of respect for the French language.

In September 2017, the court ruled that allowing the tilde to return "to break the will of our rule of law to maintain the unity of the country and equality without distinction of origin". In particular, he supported his decision on a ministerial circular of 2014, which establishes a limiting list of sixteen signs (accent, umlaut, cedilla, etc.). "known from the French language", which can be used in the civil registry.

A judgment finally reversed by the Rennes Court of Appeal, which estimated in November 2018 that the tilde did not undermine "the principle of drafting public documents in French". She pointed out that the tilde was "not unknown to the French language", since it appeared in several dictionaries with the words "Canyon" or "Dona" but also in appointment decrees like those of the current Secretary of State for the Interior Laurent Nunez. The public prosecutor of Rennes had decided to appeal in cassation but was finally disavowed.

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