that's why the social changes its mind and makes them come back


The change had fully entered to be part of everyone's life – including influencers – starting in September. But Instagram already seems to be doing back off. We are talking about the idea of ​​removing the number of likes under the posts; the basic idea was to avoid excessive competition on numbers and the pursuit of the approval of followers at all costs. All would be in favor of the quality of the published content. Following the decision to remove plastic surgery filters, the likes of the change of course also come: they will come back. The social media has already begun to gradually reintroduce i like Instagram. Why?

Like Instagram: that's why they will come back (gradually)

After the months-end trial and final approval, how come Instagram backs up so soon after the definitive introduction? There have been test for months; in September the absence of likes became definitive for everyone. It even seemed that this change should also be exported to other social media groups, starting with Facebook. The latest Instagram news talks about a turnaround with the number of like that is already returned available on the desktop version Instagram.

Gradually, even from mobile devices, you should go back to seeing the number of likes in posts. For what reason? The question would be purely economic, as reported by Wired. The purpose of making people focus more on the content that the number of likes would have failed for difficulties involved in the commercial activities of advertisers and influencers. It is not so much that users would move away from the social media, therefore, as the fact that the activities of those who earn with Instagram would inevitably be compromised. Without the numerical feedback from the followers, the influencers would find it hard to sum up and understand if one countryside is successful or not.

The victory of the influencers after the question of surgery filters

This return to the origins is seen as a real one victory for influencers and of the companies that, obviously, the first news about Instagram's decision to remove the likes had protested strongly. In the last period, Instagram has also been talked about for the question ofelimination of filters that simulate cosmetic surgery. Among the many features of Instagram there were also those that made it possible to take photos by modifying facial features as if they had been retouched with cosmetic surgery; the decision to remove these filters was taken to avoid feeding phenomena such as the disformia. What is it about? Fixation with respect to minor defects that must be modified to achieve unattainable and unreal aesthetic standards. Those aesthetic canons of which social media are the vehicle, so to speak.

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