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Each week, the Clubic team gives you a short summary of the Tech news of the week in 7 news.You got the news, the fault of a busy week or a period away from the screens? No problem, Clubic gives you its weekly summary of the news of the world of tech. Let yourself be guided.

Microsoft officially launches Windows Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop

Deployed in private beta to 20,000 companies since March 2019, Microsoft has finally released its Windows Virtual Desktop. But what is it? This system allows employees of a company to access virtualized Windows applications and services (such as the Office Suite) remotely, as well as the ability to open Windows 10 in multi-session.

French LMX launches pre-orders for the 64H, all-terrain electric bike

LMX 64H electric bike

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! The French brand LMX offers a new mountain bike with three modes of electric assistance and to ride up to 45 km / h. The LMX 64H is located between the bike and the bike, since it has a built-in gas handlebar handle to deliver extra power at any time. It is available for € 4,990 for pre-order.

MPs propose to tax vehicles according to their weight

Cadillac SUV

MEPs LREM proposed the introduction of a new penalty linked to the weight of cars, to push the French to turn to the hybrid or electric. The bill is aimed primarily at SUVs, since it could tax vehicles weighing more than 1,300 kg (excluding electricity). The law, which has yet to be clarified, aims to discourage the purchase of these heavy and polluting vehicles.

Listen to the sounds that the InSight probe has recorded on Mars

SEIS Insight Cup

NASA's Martian spacecraft, named InSight, has repeatedly captured the sounds of squalls and other seismic sounds of the red planet. These "rumble" recordings are available to listen on the NASA SoundCloud page.

Android 10: The new list of default Google apps

Google Chrome Android

Each Android smartphone is put on the market with a number of pre-installed apps, the core apps From Google. For all smartphones on Android 10, Google this time to install the PlayStore, Google Search, Chrome, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Duo, Maps, Google Play Music, Google Photos, Google Play Movies and finally the indispensable YouTube. Note that next month, Google Play Music will be replaced by YouTube Music.

A robot folds and unfolds the Samsung Galaxy Fold 119 380 times before the screen loosens

Galaxy Fold Video

Live on YouTube, a robot has folded and unfolded Samsung's Galaxy Fold screen relentlessly thousands of times. In the replay of this commercial experience, we can see that the smartphone screen, officially available in France and other markets, breaks after 119,380 times. It is marketed for 2,020 euros.

Tesla Model Y spotted circulating near corporate headquarters

Tesla Model 3

A first video shows the Tesla Model Y, less than a year from its official release. The vehicle, already available for pre-order but only to be delivered from the 2020 standalone, was filmed near Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto. And the video, stealthily, was filmed thanks to the TeslaCam of a Tesla Model 3 owner and fan of the brand.

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