Suspected of radicalization, 2 policemen posted in Paris region were disarmed


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Less than a week after the killing of the police headquarters in Paris, two police officers posted in the Paris region were disarmed. Reports in the national police have multiplied in recent days.

The fear of discovering other officials who would try to hide their radicalization is very real in the ranks of the national police. While the number of reports has been increasing for a few days, two police officers posted in the Paris region have been disarmed, one has at the same time been suspended reports The Parisian.

Police chief Didier Lallement issued a note on Monday (October 7th) for all services, in which he called "Service managers to report immediately to (their) hierarchy the signs of a possible radicalization of an agent".

Examples that should attract attention are then cited: "A physical change, clothing, food, refusal to shake hands with female staff, withdrawal or rejection of authority or community life". A note that is probably not unrelated to the increase in reports within the police.

A 39-year-old police officer suspended

A police captain has already been disciplined. The latter is assigned to the Judicial Enforcement Squad (BEDJ), a service of the Regional Directorate of Judicial Police of the PP (DRPJ) responsible for tracking fugitives. The 39-year-old official was disarmed and suspended "as a precautionary principle," the paper explains.

This officer had already been talked about in 2011 when he had just married a lawyer of Muslim faith. His colleagues had indicated that he was standing aside, refusing any contact with his female colleagues, and that he was shaking his beard, praying during his time on duty.

The investigation of the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) and the Directorate of Intelligence of the Prefecture of Police (DRPP) had determined that this officer was not radicalized. In 2018, he was transferred to a different post where he is in charge of the Fijait, the file that lists the perpetrators of terrorist offenses.

Despite his divorce and the fact that he is less isolated, his colleagues still fear a "taqiya". It is a practice advocated by Islamists, to conceal or deny his faith, not to be noticed.

A 34-year-old policeman disarmed

A second policeman was also disarmed. Assigned to the police station of Villeneuve-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine), he is 34 years old and has meanwhile not been suspended. Converted to Islam, he had already been dismissed from the National Police in September 2018 before the administrative court annulled this sanction. In addition to refusing contact with women, he called the young security assistants (ADS) to do the prayer.

He also met the perpetrator of the attack on soldiers in Levallois-Perret in August 2017 (six had been wounded, three of them seriously), and had also lent his weapon and his police badge to a friend of the terrorist, for a photo. Interviewed by the IGPN in December 2017, the grievor stated that he had "no connection" with the terrorist. He also declared that he no longer greets women "out of modesty" following his marriage.

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