Simone Biles opens record hunt


(Stuttgart) The hunt for records is open for Simone Biles: the undisputed queen of gymnastics has led the Americans to a fifth consecutive world title, Tuesday in Stuttgart, for the first of its six finals of the competition, less than 10 months of the Tokyo Olympics.

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With a total of 172.33 points, Biles and her teammates beat the Russians (166.53) and the Italians (164.80).

The French, led by triple European champion Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos (19 years) and who aspired to get on the podium, rank fifth, as a year ago (163.69).


Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos

As early as the qualifications, Biles (22) had illuminated the German apparatus with his unmatched talent by performing two unconventional and ultra-complex acrobatics now named after him, a double somersault with a triple twist on the ground, and a double back flip with a double spin exiting to the beam.

The young Texane did not depart from its standards of excellence for its first final of the week, being particularly sparkling at the entry jump (15,40), then on the ground (15,33), " his best variation of the competition so far, "closing.

The Americans are now reigning in the team competition without interruption since 2011.

"Year after year, it's getting stronger because we are increasing our footprint. It's just surreal, "says Biles.

Two falls for the Bleues


Simone Biles

"Sometimes I would like to see more competition, but at the same time, I still have to get on the carpet and do what I came for. No matter how far ahead I am, I'm always nervous from time to time, "she says.

This American coronation brings to 15 the record number of world crowns of Biles, and to 21 his total of world medals, to two units of the record established by the Belarussian legend Vitaly Scherbo (23).

If she repeats "never to (think)," the four-time Olympic champion (all-around, floor, jump and team) will have multiple chances to equal and even surpass her: she is qualified for the five individual finals, the general competition on Thursday, then the floor, vault, beam and uneven bars on Saturday and Sunday.

A year ago in Doha, she had won six medals out of six possible at the Worlds-2018.

Reinforced by very convincing qualifications completed in fourth place (166,712), the Blue, represented, besides De Jesus Dos Santos, by Marine Boyer, Lorette Charpy, Aline Friess and Claire Pontlevoy, did not hide their deep disappointment not to have It's a place on a podium within their reach.


Claire Pontlevoy

The French gymnasts paid two expensive falls early in the contest, the first at the bars (Pontlevoy), the second at the beam (DJDS).

That did not stop them, however, from already thinking about getting their revenge on the Olympic scene next summer in Tokyo.

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