several victims, the suspect arrested


Knockdown at a Manchester shopping center: several casualties, the suspect arrested

The attack took place around 11.15 local time and resulted in the deployment of an important security device.

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A knife attack caused several casualties in a Manchester shopping center. The suspect was arrested for terrorism.

The British anti-terrorist police have been seized after a stabbing attack that left five people injured in a Manchester mall on Friday, for which a suspect in his forties was arrested.

The attack took place around 11.15 local time (12.15 HB) and resulted in the deployment of a major security device in this city in the north of England, hit in 2017 by a bomb attack that killed 22 people. the release of a concert by American pop star Ariana Grande.

In view of "the location of the incident and its nature, the anti-terrorist police officers are conducting the investigations," police said. The suspect was taken into custody. Investigators remain "open" to other avenues, police said.

Videos posted on social networks showed police officers controlling a man on the ground. Five people were injured and taken to the hospital, according to the rescue services and the police.

On Twitter, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was "shocked" and sent his "thoughts" to the victims, thanking relief services and investigators.

An important safety device has been put in place

According to local media, the Arndale shopping center, where the events took place, was evacuated. A large security device has been put in place.

A witness on the scene, named Jordan, told the PA news agency that he saw a "man with a knife rushing to several people". Shortly after, "the security agents ordered the store staff to close shop and direct the customers to the back of the stores," said the 23-year-old, employed at one of the shopping center's shops.

Freddie Houlder, 22, told PA he heard "screaming just outside" the shop he was in. A woman then entered the shop, explaining that a man had just tried to stab her.

"Fortunately she had a thick jacket," he added, explaining that the woman had initially thought it was a fake knife, but "broke down in tears" when the police told him it was a real one.

According to the young man, the assailant was trying to hit people "at random".

An attack reminiscent of the one perpetrated in 2017, during a concert by Ariana Grande

The city of Manchester was struck more than two years ago by a jihadist attack. On May 22, 2017, Salman Abedi blew up a bomb at the exit of a huge concert hall in which the American pop star Ariana Grande had just performed. Twenty-two people were killed, including seven children, and 260 injured.

A parliamentary committee had concluded that the British intelligence services had missed several opportunities to prevent the jihadist from carrying out his attack.

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