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The tourist season of Statera has officially ended since September 21st. This year, Statera welcomed more than 11,000 paying visitors, an increase of 11% over last year.

"This year, we sold more than 16,000 tickets (a visitor can do more than one activity), we received more visitors from outside the region compared to last year and we have achieved great visibility in the national media "says Nathalie LeMay, Chair of the Board of Directors of RIRÉRST, Statera's promoter.

This season also confirms the popularity of cruises in the Sorel-Tracy islands whose occupancy rate was 93%. By the beginning of July, the cruise was sold at more than 85% and it was necessary to refuse customers in high season. "These results demonstrate the attractiveness of the region for Quebec and international tourism customers. We often forget, as a citizen of the Sorel-Tracy region, the exceptional character of the archipelago of Lake Saint-Pierre, an ecosystem recognized by UNESCO and unknown to the general public.

Tourists often combine the cruise with the indoor activity, either the course or with visits to the Biophare. A novelty compared to last year was to allow the sale of the activities. The dome tours have not had the expected success, and the team already has plans to optimize the dome and its contents for the next season.

Statera's notoriety begins to grow in travel organizers' networks that integrate Statera into their journeys or packages. More than 61 organized groups came to the area and had a meal in the surrounding restaurants.

"To attract tourists to a region, we must continue to improve the offer of activities and attractions. The development of the tourism offer remains a challenge that will have to be tackled together, "adds Ms. LeMay.

For the next seasons, Statera's objective is undoubtedly to extend the tourist season and continue to vary the sources of income.

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