Samsung unveils its new flexible smartphone: how it's done


October 30, 2019 – The Galaxy Fold has recently arrived on the market (in Italy it is not yet available), but Samsung is already working on the next versions of its flexible smartphone. And he showed during the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), the annual conference dedicated to the developers he is holding these days, a video showing a new concept of folding smartphone.

Compared to the Galaxy Fold it is completely different, both in size and design. The flexible smartphone launched by Samsung in September he has a wallet design: the vertical hinge allows you to fold it back on itself, as if you were closing a book. The new concept created by the South Korean company, instead, starts from a completely different concept. As you can see from the cover image, it opens and closes like the old Motorola Razr phones. The flexible smartphone develops vertically, while the Galaxy Fold has a horizontal extension. Two completely different devices, but which demonstrate an impeccable fact: Samsung is experimenting to find the best solution for users.

As is the new folding smartphone from Samsung

The South Korean company showed a video of a few seconds during the conference dedicated to developers. The video served to launch the new OneUI 2.0, the user interface of Samsung smartphones, and show that it is able to adapt to any type of screen and form factor, also to folding devices never seen before on the market.

Samsung did not leak any information on the new flexible smartphone. Its real name is not known features and above all if it will ever be made or launched on the market. It could very well be a rendering used only for launching the new user interface. The only thing certain is that it has been talked about a lot and the experts are wondering if it makes sense to launch a folding smartphone with this shape and design.

The problems of flexible smartphones

Announce as "the next big things”In the world of technology, flexible smartphones are clashing with various construction problems. Samsung had to postpone the release of the Galaxy Fold of some months due to complications born with the screen and the hinge, while Huawei has not yet succeeded in launching the Mate X, initially also expected for the 2019 spring-summer. Before seeing a mature market ready to welcome these devices we will have to wait a little while longer.

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