Sampdoria, Bertolacci: "I missed the Serie A, I want revenge"



Inter, Sanchez ko: trust in Esposito or return to the market?

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Sampdoria, Bertolacci: "I missed the Serie A, I want revenge"

Andrea Bertolacci, new midfielder of Sampdoria, he spoke to the official website of the Sampdoria after the draw obtained with Roma: "I have to say a thank you, really. I didn't really expect a return like this. I would just like to be judged on the pitch, that's all. "On a personal and non-personal level, it must be the first sign of a long strip. I have a great desire for revenge, I want to help this group. There is trust on my part. I am happy for the sacrifices I made to be ready." "I have to say that I had positive feelings. I missed the Serie A, I wanted to keep the opportunity out. It's a starting point for me and for the team. With the spirit seen against Roma we can go back". – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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