Salvatore Esposito: '' Yesterday at San Siro, I sweated more than my brother. What an emotion! We have a shared dream … "


The 2000 class midfielder plays in Chievo Verona and is a pivot of the Italian U21 national team

Good blood does not lie. In the panorama of Italian football, not only Sebastiano's talent stands out Esposito but also that of his brother Salvatore, a 2000 class midfielder Chievo Verona and the Italian National Under 21 team.

Yesterday it was certainly not possible to miss the world premiere of the bomber of the family and Sebastiano, interviewed by, he spoke thus of his brother: "I was at the stadium yesterday, I sweated more than him. THEAt that moment I felt like I was on the field with him. It was really exciting to see him debut in the Champions League. Now, however, he must continue to work hard and fly low. Together in the National team? It is clear, it is the dream of our whole family and also of mine and of Sebastiano. One step at a time, we still have to eat pasta (laughs ed) ”.

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