RTL info – Sophie Masala, the Montpellier cutter, tried: she had killed her colleague before cutting her corpse with a saw


                What can make someone kill his co-worker before cutting him up and throwing his limbs into the Canal du Midi? Sophie Masala, a 55-year-old mother, is judged for this from Monday in Toulouse.
            <p>In spring 2016, the sectioned members of Maryline Planche were discovered in the center of the Pink City, scattered along the banks of the Canal du Midi. &quot;<em>The peculiarity of this affair is that it is not only a murder, it reveals an extraordinary inhumanity. An unprecedented and horrible affair &quot;</em>, loose Mr. Georges Catala, lawyer of the family of the victim, before the trial at the assizes of Haute-Garonne. <em>&quot;Psychologists and psychiatrists say she has no mental deficiencies, is surprised, the way this woman behaves shows that she was very anxious to pass through the cracks of the police net.&quot;</em>

Sophie Masala, described as a mythomaniac and manipulator

The fifties was killed on May 12, 2016, in his apartment in the Saint-Georges district, in the heart of Toulouse, his head shattered with a bottle. Then cut with a hacksaw.

From the building to the canal, 500 meters away, the members were transported with a supermarket cart and their heads in a backpack. Sophie Masala is arrested a few days later in Montpellier and confesses.

In the Toulouse offices of the Association for the management of the fund for the integration of disabled people (Agefiph), the bad relationship between the two fifties, very different in character, was notorious.

On the one hand, Sophie Masala, described as jovial, mythomaniac and manipulative. On the other, a conscientious, solitary and discreet employee who lived alone. Ill-sighted, she had just had surgery and was leaving an appointment with her ophthalmologist the day she was killed.

Mrs. Planche was working overtime and was well seen by his superiors, which annoyed apparently Ms. Masala, who had been pinched after stealing dinner tickets. According to the prosecution, Ms. Masala, nicknamed the "dismemberer of the Canal du Midi", harbored a "hateful obsession" with Mrs. Planche.

The two women had known each other for only a few months. Born in Valenciennes (Nord), Ms. Masala left Montpellier to settle in Toulouse at the end of 2015. She lived in a studio on the heights of the Canal du Midi. Her husband and two grown-up children had stayed in Montpellier. She was sentenced in 2011 for embezzlement at the University of Montpellier where she worked.

The meeting, rather cordial at the beginning, degenerated

On the day of the tragedy, a step-neighbor said he saw the victim come out of his apartment shouting "help" before being pulled in by another woman's hair.

Pierre Dunac has the difficult task of defending Sophie Masala. "She says she did not want to kill her co-worker", he pleaded in a conversation with AFP, "It is not the first time that the author of a crime tries to make disappear the body of his victim, it has implemented exceptional means certainly".

He states that the meeting was arranged and that she went to the victim's home in order to ease tensions. "The meeting, rather cordial at the beginning, degenerated", admits Mr. Dunac.

At the hearing, Sophie Masala plead guilty to the murder charge, but will deny having premeditated her action. She is at risk of life imprisonment. The verdict is expected Friday.

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