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From future captain to luxury panchinaro. Alessandro Florenzi was the great absent at the party with Milan and in recent weeks has experienced a decline in popularity, outside and inside Trigoria, which puts it back doubt his stay in Rome.CRISIS – The first fracture occurs just over a year ago when the push and pull on contract renewal brings part of the curve to challenge Florenzi with an offensive banner in which he is appealed "Thirty coins". Then the waters calm down and after the departure of Totti and De Rossi the fans look for a new captain. Florenzi takes the sash, but not the consents. Already at his debut with Genoa, Kouame's third goal for the Rossoblu is involved, making the diagonal wrong. Role errors are said, why despite the investiture of Sabatini ("It will be the new Dani Alves") the position of fullback does not go hand in hand with the characteristics of Florenzi. Errors that repeat themselves: with Bologna and Atalanta above all. Then comes the physical problems. A strong influence keeps him out for 20 days, forcing him to say no to the national team. When he returns to the field he finds himself doing the outside high but the results do not come: worst in the field with Samp with a lot of reproach from Kolarov in the locker room and bench tunnel with Borussia Monchengladbach when he finds the time to make a huge mistake in front of goal at the end of the match in the Europa League which actually costs two points. Col Milan is watching and is not even involved in the rotations since Fonseca prefers rookie Cetin, young Antonucci and Santon who is certainly not a first choice.

FUTURE – Fans don't grumble, in fact. And this is the most disturbing aspect for Florenzi who with Udinese will have to fight again for a place ahead. He will hardly play with Napoli, and the national team is also at risk. The idea of ​​leaving Rome had already arrived in the summer, but his attorney had found tepid answers from Conte's Inter. The only team of a certain level to ask for him was Fiorentina. If the situation does not change however Florenzi could rethink a farewell. Meanwhile, in addition to the starting position, he risks losing also the captain's armband and a place at the European Championship.

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