REWARDS LIVE – Napoli-Verona 2-0 (37 ', 67' Milik): not brilliant but winning blues, the Polish decides!


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19.53 – END OF THE GAME!

ninety two' – Rrahmani! On the inactive ball developments, number 13 of the Hellas takes the lift: its girdle ends high above the crossbar

90 ' – The referee gives three minutes of recovery.

89 ' – TUTINO! Low cross for Di Carmine, but he is offside. The flag does not rise, Tutino kicks from a good position by sending out, by a whisker.

86 ' – Some muscular problems for Malcuit, who however grits his teeth and remains in the field.

83 '- MERTENS! PALO DEL NAPOLI! Cross for Llorente, who embodies and shoots at Silvestri. On the rebound there is Mertens, who shoots the right and sends it to the post.

81 ' – Change also for Napoli: Milik comes out, replaced by Llorente.

81 ' – Replacement for Hellas Verona: Amrabat out, in Tutino.

79 '- ZIELINSKI! Malcuit retrieves the ball and goes into the middle. Touch for Mertens, who goes to Zielinski. The Pole kicks around and finds the door a few meters away.

77 '- Substitution for Napoli: outside Insigne, inside Mertens.

76 ' – KUMBULLA! On the developments of the corner is the central Hellas to hit with his head: the ball ends just outside.

73 ' – Cross in the middle for Salcedo, who does not manage to hit and complains of a push by Malcuit. For Piccinini there is nothing.

70 ' – Pharaohs! Veloso beats the placed and goes to the center. The defense replies to Faraoni, who from the edge of the field kicks off and sends it just wide.

67 'GOOOOOOOLLLLL GOOOOOOLLLLLL NAAAAPOOOLI! STILL MIIILIIIIIK !! Insigne goes to the corner of a corner and puts the ball at the near post: Milik anticipates everyone, puts the left-handed and with the tip deviates to the bottom of the bag!

65 ' – Substitution for Napoli: out of Younes, inside Zielinski.

63 ' – Ball in depth for Milik, who comes to meet but with delay: he is in the offside.

62 ' – Salcedo receives on the trocar and shoots from long range, slamming on the blue wall.

60 ' – Replacement for Hellas Verona: Stepinski out, in Di Carmine.

59 ' – Di Lorenzo makes Insigne run on the left wing: the Italian captain forces Hellas to take refuge in a side foul.

57 '- YOUNES! Ball and chain progression, triangle with Insigne, dribbling and shot at the near post: the German sends a nothing to the side.

55'- Gunter stretches Callejon and gets the yellow card. (Cancel VAR warning

54 '- FABIAN! Spanish striker, who reaches the limit, wins a rebound and shoots with his right: rejects Silvestri.

52 '- Replacement for Hellas Verona: out Zaccagni, in Salcedo.

50 ' – Opening for Faraoni, for Di Lorenzo, who however closes the diagonal and regains possession.

48 ' – INSIGNE! Napoli's insistent action, with Fabian supporting Insigne. The captain's shot is deflected first by a defender and then by Silvestri.

19:05 – DIVIDED! Start shooting.


45 ' FABIAN! Milik unloads Fabian on the twenty meters: the Spanish left-handed goes off on the bottom.

44 ' Nice touch of Insigne for Younes: penalty in motion for the German, but slams on the Gialloblu wall.

43 ' Koulibaly's offensive Zingarata, who goes on percussion, but huddles on the band after Rrahmani's shoulder. He is forced to go backwards.

41 'Veloso kicks the corner back in, looking for the first pole, but this time he sends directly to the outside of the net.

40 ' Veloso starts a cut cross, very treacherous. Koulibaly's head anticipates everyone and turns a corner.

39 'Pharaohs Di Lorenzo challenges one-on-one, but the Tuscan fullback tripped him up: punishment for Hellas.

38 'Opening for Callejon, which puts down and supports Fabian. The former Betis with left-handed puts the center, Milik pierces the defense and diverts into the net!


36 ' Opening to the left for Insigne, who is aiming the opponent but is unable to miss it: corner for Napoli.

35 ' Long launch for Milik, who however is closed, tightened in the grip of the central Scaligeri.

33 ' Napoli is a bit confused at this stage and is struggling to get past the half.

32 ' Pharaohs! Exhaust on Amrabat, which goes to the deep cross for Faraoni: the former Inter put his head up just over the crossbar.

30 ' DI LORENZO! Fabian's touch for the onrushing Di Lorenzo: the right-footed man of the former Empoli goes out of the way a little.

28 ' Launch for Callejon, who kicks with the ball at half height and sends it to the stars.

27 ' Opening to the right for Malcuit, who goes to the cross for Milik, embraced by Faraoni in the area: everything is regular for the referee.

26 ' The rhythms are low in this phase of the game. Naples so far not as brilliant as expected.

24 ' Ball in depth for Lazovic on the left wing: the former Genoa is in the offside.

23 ' On the next corner, Rramhani headed in the head and gave Meret no problems.

22 ' Veloso takes a corner kick towards the far post, but Meret puts on a glove and unravels the situation.

21 ' Amrabat kicks from outside, but slams on the blue wall. Protests the Hellas midfielder, but for the referee there is no irregular touch in the area.

20 ' Zaccagni enters, swerves and explodes the right: Meret is careful at the near post.

18 ' MIRACULOUS MERET! Lazovic bets Manolas and jumps it with a turn. On his roll Meret is opposed, as well as on the repetition of Pessina. The ball goes again to Stepinski, who kicks and for the third time the blue goalkeeper says no.

16 ' Callejon opens for Fabian, early, during a restart. But there is Younes, who aims the opponent and puts at the center: Silvestri blocks in low grip.

15 ' Also the first yellow card arrives at Verona: Lazovic clings to Malcuit and is warned.

14 ' Ball in space for Fabian, who turns from the other side with left-handed memory: the suggestion for Malcuit is unattainable.

13 ' DI LORENZO! On the developments of the corner is the former Empoli to hit the ball with his head: Silvestri is reactive and says no.

12 ' Insigne, after Fabian's veil, checks and looks for Callejon at the second post. Gunter breathlessly anticipates Spanish.

10 ' The rhythms are not very high, Naples has no space. Excellent organization, as usual, in the defense of Hellas Verona.

8 ' Younes pours for Milik, but the defender is good at anticipating it.

7 ' Malcuit earns the bottom of the field on the right and puts a tricky ball: Silvestri low out loses it, but then manages to keep it there.

6 ' Di Lorenzo serves Younes, who converges towards the center of the field and goes from Callejon into space: inaccurate suggestion, read by the rearguard.

4 ' Koulibaly intervenes late on Faraoni and gets the first yellow card of the match.

3 ' Insigne combines with Younes, who searches inside Callejon. It covers the host defense.

1 'PARTIES! The match begins.

17:57 – Teams in the field

17.50 – The speaker announces the formations

17:40 – Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Napoli full-back, before the game with Hellas Verona intervened on Sky Sport microphones: "I'm glad what I'm doing, I'm happy, I have to keep working and growing to do better. today it is difficult, we must face it in the right way. Mine is a beautiful story, but there is still work to do ". On the moment of the team: "Captain, when you can't play well, now we have a cycle of tough games. We are ready, we have to do what the coach asks us and win from today". Today you will play as a left-back. "Availability is the basis of everything, I try to do my best in any place, even on the left".

17:22 – Now the host training has also been announced. In Hellas Verona, on the other hand, there is no blue Tutino, left on the bench: to him Juric prefers Pessina and Zaccagni behind Stepinski. For the rest Faraoni on the right and all confirmed.

17:05 – Napoli arrived at San Paolo and is now in the locker room, ready to take the field for warm-up.


The official formations of both teams have been announced. At home Napoli Carlo Ancelotti gives some surprises, both in defense and in attack. Di Lorenzo plays on the left wing, with Malcuit on the right, both Ghoulam and Mario Rui on the bench. In midfield Fabian wins the run-off with Zielinski. Insigne there is, he should play wide on the left. Unpublished attack: Younes-Milik, with Mertens on the bench.

NAPLES (4-4-2): Meret; Malcuit, Manolas, Koulibaly, Di Lorenzo; Callejon, Allan, Fabian, Insigne; Milik, Younes. To avail. Ospina, Karnezis, Luperto, Tonelli, Ghoulam, Mario Rui, Elmas, Zielinski, Gaetano, Mertens, Llorente

HELLAS VERONA (3-4-2-1): Silvestri; Rrahmani, Kumbulla, Gunter; Faraoni, Veloso, Amrabat, Lazovic; Pessina, Zaccagni; Stepinski. To avail. Berardi, Vitale, Henderson, Di Carmine, Verre, Bocchetti, Danzi, Dawidowicz, Salcedo, Empereur, Tutino, Adjapong. All Juric

Napoli won all the last 10 Serie A home matches against Verona: only against Como (11) did they record a streak of successes in the longest home in the top flight. The last draw between Naples and Verona in Serie A dates back to April 1988: since then 15 Neapolitan and three Venetian successes. Watch out for the shot from outside Verona: the Juric team scored 33% of their goals from outside the area in this league.

Choices made for Juric who in his 3-4-2-1 will propose the trio composed of Rrahmani, Kumbulla and Gunter; in midfield Amrabat and Veloso in the center with Faraoni on the right and Lazovic on the left. On a slightly higher line Zaccagni (in runoff with Pessina) and Verre, ready to support the offensive action behind the only point Stepinski

Ancelotti must do without Lozano, Hysaj and Maksimovic, but he should propose a large part of the hypothetical eleven base: the doubt concerns the median with one between Zielinski and Fabian paired with Allan, considering the presence of Insigne on the left and Callejon on the right . In attack Milik is favored over Llorente to support Younes who should finally have a chance from the owner (with Mertens initially out in Salzburg) while Malcuit plays a place with Di Lorenzo on the right in the defensive line holder.

Friends of Tuttonapoli, good evening and welcome to the direct text of Naples-Verona! After days of great controversy, Napoli receives Verona in preparation for a very delicate match. Appointment not to fail, to avoid precipitating the situation in the league, and at the beginning of a tour de force that will be crucial also for the Champions. Woe to underestimate the race because the Juric Verona is extremely organized, recalling his master Gasperini's Atalanta, and can be considered the surprise of the championship: with 5 goals conceded it is the second defense of the championship (only Inter did better ) and lost only two races, both undeservedly against Milan with one man less and Juventus, also hitting a crossbar in the 90th minute in Turin.



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