Renzi, Italy Viva: "Already 10 thousand subscribers, 50 parliamentarians within the year". "Taking votes on the right and left, no fights with the Democratic Party"


"We started signing up: we set ourselves goals. Fifty parliamentarians by the end of the year. Thirty regional councilors by the end of the year (we started from Lombardy, Basilicata, Liguria. Incoming Lazio, Sicilia, Friuli Venezia Giulia) "One hundred mayors from now until the end of the year. And ten thousand subscribers by the end of the year, only in this case we have achieved the goal in two days, or better". Matteo Renzi writes in the enews. "I remember planting a tree for every Italia Viva member, as we started doing with Ettore and Teresa alla Leopolda".


Here is the symbol of Italia Viva: a seagull flying for Renzi's party

In this regard, there is a new entry into Italy Viva, that of the deputy Catello Vitiello who explains on his Fb page the passage from the mixed to the group to the Chamber of the party of Renzi. "My decision to join the Italia Viva parliamentary group – explains Vitiello – has its roots in the desire to bring the territory that I represent to the center of the parliamentary debate and a new vision of growth in the South. My liberal values, inspired by a modern Europeanism that exalts our human and territorial resources is the reason that led me to accept Renzi's proposal ".

In the speech that closed the Leopolda, added the leader of Iv, "I explained why this legislature will go to 2023, because we will do what Macron did by absorbing votes to the left and to the right, because we propose to the Pd not to argue but to follow together certain projects such as the Ventotene one, because we are alternatives to Salvini, who is a small Don Abbondio without courage, because – as Aldo Moro said – we must be on the side of new things that are born ".

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