Reinforced security at a Trudeau rally


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. | Security was likely raised for a partisan rally involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday night near Toronto.

In press photos, one can clearly see the demarcation lines of what looks like a bulletproof jacket hidden under the Liberal leader's shirt.

Mr. Trudeau was surrounded by a tactical intervention group of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

This type of intervention requires very serious reasons for these agents to be deployed at the forefront, normally present in the shadows.

Mr. Trudeau finally climbed onto the scene of this event in Mississauga, Ontario, almost two hours behind.

His wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, was to present it, but never went on stage.

The Liberal Party did not provide details on the reasons for these additional protection measures on Saturday. However, it was confirmed that the delay was caused by security reasons.

Mr. Trudeau ended up speaking, not hesitating to shoot arrows at his main rival, the Conservative leader.

"We can summarize the platform of Mr. Scheer in three words: cuts, cuts, cuts," he said in a remark that triggered a wave of laughter in the room.

He also attacked Jagmeet Singh's troops. "The New Democratic Party could not stop Stephen Harper, Doug Ford and can not stop Andrew Scheer," said the Liberal leader.

More than 2,000 Liberal activists gathered on Saturday night.

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