Regionals in Umbria, Giuseppe Conte cites Domenico Modugno: "I question? I have the sun, the sky and the sea"


Giuseppe Conte borrows the words of Domenico Modugno to respond to journalists who asked him about the result of regional elections in Umbria, one debacle for the yellow-red government. "I have the sun, the sky, the sea …", says the Prime Minister on the sidelines of the "Mayors of Italy" event organized by Poste Italiane in Rome. In short, despite everything, the prime minister does not feel challenged. Peace that the parties that support it have taken a blow to the polls, given that the 5-star Movement, for example, has collapsed at 7.4 percent and their candidate Vincenzo Bianconi have collected only 37.5 percent of consents.

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The song the premier thought of is taken from"Wonderful", when he says: "But look around you / What gifts have made you / Have you invented the sea. / You say," I have nothing "/ Does the sun look like nothing to you? / Life, love".

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