Raquel Ballesta hangs world silver in Canada


Tony Fernandez

10:59 • Oct 17 2019

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      <p><b>Raquel Ballesta, 43, resident in Almeria and athlete of the Pole Sport discipline </b>which consists of performing stunts using an vertical bar as an implement, <b>She is a personal trainer and instructor of pole dance and manager at TrainUp pole &amp; fitness</b>, the only official school of Pole Sport in Almeria that has the certification of the Spanish Federation of Pole Sport (FEPS). 

Raquel has been qualifying for the World Cup for 3 consecutive years organized by the International Federation of Pole Sport (IPSF) getting 4th place with 38.50 points in the elite division Master category 40+ in the World Cup held in Holland in 2017 and 5th place with a score of 34.60 in 2018 in Tarragona.

Recently, on October 4 he has participated in the World Pole Sport Championship that was held in Montreal (Canada) getting the silver medal with a score of 43.30.

Proud to represent Spain: "It has been fantastic to enjoy the sensation experienced in the Montreal Olympic Stadium," says the medalist. An experience and a magnificent result: “I am very excited to have won this medal. My parents have been the ones who have helped me financially in this task, I am very grateful to them, they have been my sponsors ”.

The world medalist in full action.
The world medalist in full action.The voice

The FEPS has worked hard to grow this discipline in Spain and have been organizing the national championships since 2016 allowing Spanish athletes to qualify for the world championships organized by the IPSF.

Raquel Ballesta hangs his silver medal with pride and hopes to make progress in the city of Almeria offering his teachings in his school to all those who wish to experiment with this new discipline.

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