Rami responds in turn


After his lawyer, Adil Rami (33) spoke about the controversial picture. He recalled that it was taken at the time of his signature in Fenerbahce, well before the Turkish strikes in Syria, and before the celebration of Turkish players.

Adil Rami

"I'm doing a video to talk about what is being said in France today in the media.I talk a lot about my profile picture on Instagram.Sincerely, let go of me! Leave me the bunch! You tire me, it's a phew thing This photo is from when I signed with Fenerbahce more than two months ago, and I posted it on social media a little over a month ago. I'm going to stay smiling and polite, but that does not make me laugh, so please media, before you open your mouths and sell things, be sure of your sources, if you could forget me a little little, it would be cool, come on, I kiss you, ciao ", dropped the former OM player into his account Instagram.

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