Radars can now track drivers without insurance


Whether they are handled by police on the roadside or automatically, these devices can now identify drivers without insurance. Beware of fines. They promise to be salty.

Everywhere in France, the police have, from today, a new weapon against motorists driving without the green sticker stuck on the windshield: the file of insured vehicles, making the number plates "speak".

By a simple reading of this plate during a roadside check or a verbalization by automatic radar, police and gendarmes can know if this or that vehicle is insured or not. Beware of the offenders! Explanations.

What is the File of vehicles insured?

Introduced by the law of modernization of the justice of 18 November 2016 and established with the insurance companies, this file contains the information relating to the insurance contracts subscribed by the individuals: registration of the vehicle, name of the insurer, number of the contract with its period of validity …

Tested first in Paris and in the Paris region, this file is now extended to the entire Hexagon, "After a check of reliability"explains the Interministerial Delegation for Road Safety.

If a vehicle is flashed by an automatic radar for an offense of speeding or crossing a fire, the insurance file is systematically consulted. | FRANCK DUBRAY / WEST FRANCE.

How does this file simplify the work of law enforcement?

In case of interception of a driver by the police or the police, the file makes it possible to check immediately the insurance or the non-insurance of the vehicle.

If a vehicle is flashed by an automatic radar for an offense of speeding or crossing a fire, and a notice of contravention is sent to its owner after the usual checks, the file is systematically consulted too.

False vignettes do not go unnoticed, or even the argument often used a certificate being renewed … Note that military vehicles, agricultural machinery and vehicles in diplomatic plate escape this control.

Are insurance offenders numerous in France?

According to the Automobile Club Association and the National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety, France is today the European champion of non-insured vehicles. From 700,000 to 800,000 motorists would drive without insurance now. Some are careless, others are real delinquents, sometimes even without a license.

In 2018, in France, according to the Guarantee Fund for Compulsory Insurance of Damage, 30,873 people were involved in accidents caused by drivers not covered by insurance. A figure up 12% in five years. 9,627 victims were injured and 109 lost their lives.

It is the Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund which pays for the compensation of victims of uninsured motorists. These uninsured motorists are, in turn, generally condemned to pay astronomical sums to the victims.

Who are these offenders?

They are mostly men under thirty. They are unemployed for 31% of them, workers for 20%. The remaining 50% is distributed among the other socio-professional categories. The departments where the French drive the most without insurance are the Seine-Saint-Denis, the Bouches-du-Rhone and the North.

What is the risk of a motorist driving without insurance?

Firstly, "For the sake of prevention", recalls the Interministerial Delegation for Road Safety, any owner of a vehicle flashed by automatic radar, for which it has been found a lack of insurance, will receive a letter inviting him to regularize his situation as soon as possible.

This letter will also indicate the prosecutions to which the offender (non-insurance is an offense) is exposed. "When it is considered appropriate to terminate this prevention operation, the owners of uninsured vehicles will receive, following the notice of contravention for speeding or crossing the fire, a notice of fine. lump sum. "

On their side, on the roadsides, the police can also apply a tolerance of a few days. But not beyond.

What is the amount of the fine?

The lack of insurance may be punishable by a fixed fine of 500 € (reduced to 400 € for a settlement within 15 days or increased to 1 000 € after 45 days), when the first finding of the offense .

"In case of repeated behavior", the penal response will be more severe, since the procedure will be directed to a court. His decision will be entered in the criminal record. Committed in a state of recidivism, the offense of driving without insurance is punishable by a fine of up to € 7,500, accompanied by additional penalties such as the cancellation of a driving license with a ban on ironing, and the confiscation of the vehicle.

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