racist altercation on a train to Liege


"If you do not like it, go back to Kinshasa": racist altercation on a train to Liege – © All rights reserved

The scene was recorded thanks to a mobile phone. This is happening Tuesday, October 15 in a train to Liege. There is a policeman distinctly saying: "I am a federal railway police officer and according to a ministerial decree, I can apply for the identity card of any person without any reason"Joel Twambi," said Joshua, "the person in question replies, and the policeman ends up telling him,"If you do not like it, go back to KinshasaThe SNCB reacts: "Any racist statement is obviously unacceptable".

Joshua Twambi was coming back from London that night. Beside him, a lady is checked and does not present a valid ticket. The control then calls the security agents who arrive at two in the wagon. The police then turn to him, telling him that his ticket is not valid. Joshua, sure of his good right, replies that he does not see the problem since everything went well to go, with the same ticket.

The tone rises quickly, a police officer asks him for his identity card. "Why ?"asks the passenger."I am a federal railway police officer, according to a ministerial decree, I can ask for the identity card of any person without any reason", he replies, Joshua rebels and ironises:"Long live the Belgian system, really …"

And the policeman retort: ​​"If you do not like it, sir, go back to Kinshasa. You were born in Kinshasa, right? If the Belgian system does not please you, return to itRacist comments repeated several times by the police officer, one of whom ended up taking Joshua's picture, but said: "For my personal collection."

Find below the video testimony of Joshua.

"Every policeman must be master of his intervention and his behavior"

The railway police, through the voice of its director general, Stephanie Silvestre, reacts and says that this morning, by reading the video, the inspector involved could be identified and "directly I seized the internal investigation service to shed light on this case."The investigation will be quick since, according to Stephanie Silvestre, these are fairly sensitive and unacceptable facts.

"Every police officer must be in control of his intervention, his words and his behavior. And so, clearly, if these facts have happened, that's unacceptable."If the facts are true, the inspector in question will be punished but"it is the investigation that will determine whether these are exclusively disciplinary facts or whether the case should also be criminalized."We do not know if this agent was known for similar charges.

"Any racist statement is unacceptable"

Today SNCB gives details: "It is not a Securail agent, so the person who makes these racist remarks does not work for the SNCB, but depends on the federal police. We are now working on whether that person's ticket was valid or not. We want to know why the escort appealed to the police"before stating that, for SNCB,"any racist statement is obviously unacceptable".

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