protesters stand against the police for the third consecutive night


Thousands of protesters clashed with the riot police by throwing projectiles at them.

New clashes between pro-independence protesters and law enforcement broke out again on Wednesday (October 16th) in Barcelona for a third consecutive night of violence. Thousands of protesters encountered riot police throwing projectiles at them.

The protesters also set up burning barricades and set several cars on fire, as local journalists noted. Fourteen people had to receive care, according to an initial assessment of the emergency services established in the evening.

This explosion of violence follows the condemnation of several separatist leaders to jail for their role in the attempt to secede Catalonia in 2017. On Tuesday, several Catalan cities became the scene of urban guerrilla scenes. A total of 125 people were injured and 51 were arrested.

Wednesday, from Madrid, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has publicly addressed the president of the region, the separatist Quim Torra, and members of his government. He asked them to "condemn clearly and without excuse the use of violence ".

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