Presidency of the MR, the debate of the candidates: yes no to the NV-A?


In a few weeks, the Reform Movement will have a new president to replace Charles Michel who leaves for Europe. Who will be the new Liberal President? This election is important because it will designate the person who will play a key role in shaping the future federal government.

Five candidates: three men and two women. Christine Defraigne, Clementine Barzin, Denis Ducarme, Georges-Louis Bouchez and Philippe Goffin. On the set of "It's not every day Sunday", they assure everyone: they are there to gather rather than divide. Yet they are all running for the MR's presidency, and only one will be elected.

With or without the NV-A?

To better identify these 5 candidates, the debate is mainly focused on the existence or not of hooked atoms with the NV-A.

A few months ago, Georges-Louis Bouchez declared that he got on well with Theo Francken. For his part, Denis Ducarme affirmed: "If they call me 'the Walloon Francken', that does not bother me". Christine Defraigne, she would not appreciate the comparison. "I defended values ​​with sincerity. I'm not a friend with Mr. Francken, it's very clear, but I'm able to compromise, but I'm uncompromising on certain points ".

Philippe Goffin did not like the provocations of Francken during his years as Secretary of State for Asylum and Immigration. "It has complicated everything, and finally the assessment of its migration policy is not a success. It was so easy to provoke people against each other. I did not like this way of doing politics, it's not mine. "

Theo Francken said that it would not bother him to ally with the Vlaams Belang, if the programs of Belang and NV-A agree sufficiently. An opinion that Georges-Louis Bouchez, even if he gets on well with Francken, does not share. "I get on well with Raoul Hedebauw, it does not mean that I want to become a communist. I defend a policy based on the rule of law. The RM was able to apply his vision to the government. It was not a Francken government, but a Michel government. "

Denis Ducarme confirms the cohesion between these five candidates: "We are not here to fight. We are mostly Liberals, and I would like to highlight what brings us together. We are not going to start throwing exclusives on certain parties, the situation is already very complicated, and we will not deny the fact that NV-A is the second largest party in the country. "

As for Clementine Barzin, she evokes a more neutral opinion: "It is important to be a democrat. Two major parties have emerged from the elections, and these parties are more empowered than ever to move forward. The MR, he will take his responsibilities, with only red line: 'no confederalism'.

20 seconds to convince

Each candidate was able to express their ambitions, with the challenge of convincing the members of the party, who will vote, with a time of 20 seconds.

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