Planes, wines, whiskeys … the United States imposes 7.5 …


The United States imposed Friday for $ 7.5 billion of additional tariffs on a range of goods from EU countries. These include Airbus aircraft, French wines or Scottish whiskeys.

These tariffs came into effect at 00:01, Washington time (06:01 in Switzerland). This new offensive by US President Donald Trump comes as Washington bogs down in a major trade war with China, which risks destabilizing the global economy.

On Wednesday, the impetuous leader once again took the Europeans, who behave unfairly according to him by erecting "huge barriers" against US imports into the EU. However, he did not close the door to an agreement between the two parties that would put an end to the conflict.

These new taxes come four days after the final green light from the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Washington to impose sanctions against the EU, in retaliation for the subsidies granted to the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

"The EU ready to fight back"

In the Americans' line of fire: Airbus aircraft, manufactured mainly in factories in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany, which will now cost 10% more when they are imported into the United States. United. But European wines are also in Mr. Trump's sights, with a 25% tax on these drinks.

From Washington, where he participates in IMF annual meetings, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire issued a warning to the US government just before the entry into force of these tariffs. "These decisions would have negative consequences both economically and politically," he warned. "The EU is ready to fight back"

These decisions would have negative consequences from both an economic and political point of view

Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Finance

For a long time, Europeans have been arguing for a negotiation rather than a trade war. Especially since they will very likely be authorized by the WTO next year to impose customs sanctions against the United States to punish them for having subsidized Boeing.

Negotiations in progress

Adopting a resolutely protectionist policy, the US leader has already imposed higher tariffs on steel and aluminum from the EU and other allied countries, while leaving the threat of doing so with cars.

In July 2018, Mr Trump and the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, agreed to a sort of truce in Washington, promising to conduct negotiations that have so far led to nothing.

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