'Permanent' shocked! Year-end Thai Airways loses 10 billion call for 'Chairman of the Board – DD' discussing urgently, 10 Oct


Shocked, Thai Airways lost 10 billion

'Permanent' shocked! At the end of the year, Thai Airways loses 10 billion. Called 'Chairman of the Board – DD' for urgent discussing. 10 Oct. Order to finish a new rehabilitation plan within 3 months.

Shocked, Thai Airways lost 10 billion – Mr Thaworn Sennium, Deputy Minister of Transport, revealed that on October 10, the appointment of Mr. Ek Nititi Nitithan Praphas Chairman of the Board, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited. Mr. Sumeth Damrongchaitham, President And senior executives in the commercial field Organization and Sustainable Development, Technician, Operator, and Kitchen, come to hold a knee Which will request Thai Airways to go back and review all rebuilding plans Since the current rehabilitation plan that has been used for 12 months doesn't work because the losses have not decreased. Including reviewing the mantra plan Because now the plan to buy 38 planes in the amount of 1.56 billion baht has been ordered by the Thai Airways board to review again. Including the current rehabilitation plan that has been used for 12 months, is still unable to resolve the loss of Thai Airways Including having to make a new business plan that there will be ways to reduce losses How to increase profit?

In addition, prepare to leave 10 more assignments for the Thai Airways management to think and do. Since he has no power to release the President (DD) and DDD but still pass the examination from the board Therefore have to turn and shake hands Get on the same boat to solve problems for Thai national airlines. May I go to Mr. Aek Niti As chairman of the Thai Airways board To wake up, work harder, have to do

"At the end of this year, I still have many concerns. That Thai Airways will lose a total of 10 billion baht because the first half has a total loss of 6 billion baht Which has to prepare a new rehabilitation plan and bring it back within 3 months. Today, Thai Airways is in a crisis. Has the management set up a war room to hold the knees to talk to solve the crisis seriously? And would like to leave to Mr. Ekiti Niti As the number one chairman of Thai Airways to wake up And work harder, work 25 hours "

Mr Thaworn said about the plan to procure 38 planes. Recently, the Thai Airways Board has ordered to delay and request Thai Airways to review all the new ones. In which, he did not oppose the procurement of the plane in any way. But before this, a letter was made for Thai Airways to send back the purchasing plan to the board for consideration and responded to the 6 issues that they considered unclear. Which until today Thai Airways has not yet officially answered all 7 questions. These things would make the Thai Airways board. Not sure And hesitated Until a resolution has been made for Thai Airways to review and eventually create a new aircraft procurement plan

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