PARTITABUS / Juve-Bologna 2-1: Saturday Night Massacre


And I'm good Bologna that puts it all out and plays well, which in half an hour creates more dangers than Inter had created in 90. Special mention for Palacio who looked like a twenty year old for at least an hour, until the cocoon effect lasted.

And I'm good Khedira who chooses a cold October evening to say goodbye to football: it is no longer presentable to miss the soccer on Monday night. He runs badly and "those who run bad play badly and live badly" semicit

And I'm good too Bernardeschi who has the conscious look of someone who knows that he is an infantryman and not a king. Such as? He's an infantryman and not John, he's just an infantryman.
Do you waste a load if you only have one jack in it?

And also good at rabiot that after just 3 months of Juve shows something but still has some lag too. It says things right but late, like satellite-connected guests.

CR7 it's still him as Marlon Brando, Pjanic it is confirmed on utraterrene levels, deLigt instead confirms the bad habit of slipping too much and tonight is not good for him: very well.
Buffon goes to butterflies and saves the cabin within 10 seconds.

"The cold chronicle":
Compelling game, which took place for long stretches in general indifference, my and my girlfriend Nirvana's.
The celebratory jersey for the 700 goals of CR7 remains current for 19 minutes, then a draw by Danilo who went there because the rossoblu (tonight with national green shirt) had remained in 10.
Goals of 2-1 after 24 passes in a row, a bit of Bologna a little bit of Juve, with the penultimate touch of CR7 that Catapano of the Gazzetta could rename as "regular offside".
In the second half, while the game continued, with his ifs, his but, his why and his because Sarri's men competed to see who could miss more goals, a contest in which Orsolini also participated in memory of his Bianconeri past.
Juventus growing in the second 45 minutes and game that could have ended so little but culpably is not closed and you get to 90 ° with a management of the ball that we will call "at Frosinone" and saves a dogged 4 Dutch, a cross and a 42-year-old goalkeeper who still explains it to many.

Well the 3 points, bad and good as they arrived; the game is there but we must conclude, concretize, tonight's Juve looks like a fluffer, so much effort and then (almost) finally enjoy the others … Disaster the last 300 seconds.
22 points out of 24, 7 wins of which 6 measuring, that's fine but only so far: from tomorrow it's not enough anymore. Those who survived the saturday night massacre want to see more. Better and more.

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